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Os Trigonum

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talus bone (Latin for ankle) or astragalus is a bone in the collection of bones in the foot called the tarsus (skeleton). The ta...
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122 conversations around the web about Os Trigonum to help you make a decision
122 conversations around the web about Os Trigonum to help you make a decision
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Os Trigonum & Surgery

We found 46 discussions
" Member 74 Subject: os trigonum surgeryI'm having os trigonum removal surgery this summer. I haven't found much information on it. If you've had it, I'm curious about how long you were off... "

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" Os Trigonum Surgery I had os trigonum surgery 4 weeks ago I was in a cast for the first two weeks the surgeon said I should be off crutches two weeks later. It's now two weeks later.... "

" ...os trigonum along with several other things.. the os trigonum excision was is surgery... "

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" ...which would have been much worse. I also have an Os Trigonum which explains the rest of my ankle pain. Am ...a steroid injection and then surgery if this works. Thank you... "

" out. Am having surgery this week to clean ...more focal\" and that I have a fragmented OS Trigonum. Theres also scarring / ligament Also, does a fragmented OS Trigonum mean ... "

" screws ! Im ...4 days I'm having my os trigonum removed from my ...share their experience? So I'm really doubting whether I should go on with the surgery or would it be a smarter ide... "

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" ...achilles tendonitis turned out to be false... I have an os trigonum or os trigonum syndrome...I have a little extra piece trouble... Bad news...may need surgery if it continues to both... "

" surgery for os trigonum and flexor hallucis release Hi a surgeon for a surgery consult. I saw him on ...did show that I have a large os trigonum only on my affected... "

" posted this. I have an os trigonum in my right foot that ...keeps saying it's a 'simple' surgery and I'd be walking on it 'days after the surgery' and I guess perhaps it... "

" ...little better I would sugget getting another opinion as an os trigonum is not a broken ankle, rather is ...done. I have an os trigonum in my real ...can't heal an OS trigonum since it'... "

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