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Opium + Vaporizer

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Ask a question
96 conversations around the web about Opium + Vaporizer to help you make a decision
96 conversations around the web about Opium + Vaporizer to help you make a decision
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Opium & Vaporizer

We found 96 discussions
" ...I can't afford a vaporizer. In any case I would not use a vaporizer for the opium. It... "

" ...a time just built up and this morning my lungs are killing me. Has anyone successfully put opium in a vaporize... "

" ...Will opium in an iolite vaporizer work? AFOAF is interested in trying opium and they own a portable iolite vaporizer which reaches... "

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" i own a voodoo vaporizer and as far as opium goes, lighting with a lighter wastes 25% of the product. ON EDIT: i... "

" my vaporizer?? really?? I tried with opium and it just didnt work right. Wha... "

" Opium should really be vaporized not ...although not entirely ineffective. Traditional opium pipes were actually a form of vaporize... "

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" ...own a \"vaporite\" vaporizer? Are they ...settings on a vaporizer so that I can vaporize other substances such as DMT or opium? Or are... "

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" dont want to burn opium, you want to vaporize it, method then a real opium pipe being a lightbulb vaporizer or chasing the dragon off... "

" ...but swia can say opium works very well in a vaporizer specially ones where the temperature gradually rises. Swia uses a opium pipe most of the... "

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" ...not like on of those opium pipes. I thought I was a vaporizer but the loading hole seems... "

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