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Opiate + Thyroid

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142 conversations around the web about Opiate + Thyroid to help you make a decision
142 conversations around the web about Opiate + Thyroid to help you make a decision
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Opiate & Thyroid

We found 142 discussions
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" ...evening. its not related to opiate production in the brain, its ...cutting your sleep. And yes, thyroid influences that hormone... "

" ...information of what long term opiate dependence has on metabolism and ...Is there damage to the thyroid permanently? Can it be reversed... "

" ...they should be checking your thyroid frequently since you have no thyroid you will need to be ...monitored. Vicodin is a opiate and is addictive when... "

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" ...have my Right side thyroid removed due to a came back fine. My constipation is due to opiate pain pills,,but the miralax is... "

" ...experience. My long term opiate use depleted my thyroid hormone. The Dr explained ...can deplete hormones such as thyroid and testosterone. DONT wait til you're off the opiate to get this chec... "

" were talking about the thyroid drug T3 (Triiodothyronine), but now ...about Tylenol-3's... codine is an opiate and if you're abusing them... "

" ...105 beats per minute. I am on seizure and thyroid drugs. Blame them? I am on epilepsy medication and thyroid medication and an opiate for pain. Are these affecting... "

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" ...all. I have had big thyroid trouble since I went gluten-free ...big problem for celiacs, plus if you're digesting poorly opiate-like peptides from dairy can get across your gut and... "

" get lab work done to see where your testosterone/cortisol/thyroid is and if you have extra cash neuro / ...dxm, antihistamines like loratadine, and opiate pain medication like... "

" ...TSH levels as the radiation will permanently damage the thyroid. HOWEVER! It may not be your thyroid at all. If you are on opiate pain medication you can experience the \"always cold\" issue... "

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