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Opiate Withdrawal

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Ask a question
(Opiate withdrawal symptoms)
Common Opiate Withdrawal treatments discussed around the web
Suboxone 1,504 Clonidine 622 Buprenorphine 341
9,831 conversations around the web about Opiate Withdrawal to help you make a decision
9,831 conversations around the web about Opiate Withdrawal to help you make a decision
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Opiate Withdrawal & Tyrosine

We found 28 discussions
" ...this mimicked an opiate withdrawal. After more research, buy some supplements: L-Tyrosine and Phenylalanine. Platypus found a source that describes L-Tyrosine: Quote: He found... "

" ...for a little while. It really helped my mood and gave me a little pick me up, not a strong feeling of euphoria but a little one. It seems like L-tyrosine on steriods. Dont expect anything like krat... "

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" ...bp monitored in-house. The Valium in the recipe is probably the type of drug you'd be prescribed to handle anxiety short term. However, the L-Tyrosine in the recipe could make an anxiety condition... "

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" ...a consistent regimen of L-Tyrosine, NSAIDs and exercise. L-Tyrosine is a precursor to ...(papaver somniferum) uses L-Tyrosine to manufacture Morphine. ...pain when going through opiate withd... "

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" So I started taking xanax for the wd then ...where I am now. But opiate withdrawal was just as bad just ...the sub now, would taking L-Tyrosine today and for the next... "

" ...and pick up some L-Tyrosine and B6. It's part of the \"Thomas Recipe\" for opiate withdrawal, and those two vitamins... "

" ...with @ if you're going to use a benzo for opiate withdrawal, valium (long-acting) is a much ...which calls for Valium, Imodium, L-Tyrosine, B-6, and a solid multi-vitamine.... "

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" ...Hah, I was just getting ready to ask about L-Tyrosine. This experience happened on day 6 of an opiate withdrawal (kicking the habit on my own will) the lack... "

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" Perhaps a decent alternative? L-Tyrosine in the morning helps many ...and lack of energy. Per the Thomas guide to Opiate withdrawal, start w/2000mg in the morning on an empty stomach,... "

" ...look into the \"Thomas Recipe for Opiate Withdrawal\". It's based on L-tyrosine (available at GNC and such) ...too, but even without it, the L-tyrosine and B-6 can help amazingly,... "

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