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Opiate Withdrawal

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(Opiate withdrawal symptoms)
Common Opiate Withdrawal treatments discussed around the web
Suboxone 1,504 Clonidine 623 Buprenorphine 341
9,839 conversations around the web about Opiate Withdrawal to help you make a decision
9,839 conversations around the web about Opiate Withdrawal to help you make a decision
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Opiate Withdrawal & Hospital

We found 225 discussions
" ...Go To The Hospital what happens if i got to the hospital without health insurance and tell them im going thru opiate withdrawal and ... "

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" ...considered going to a psychiatric hospital/rehab for your suicidal thoughts? or have you previously ...can tell you one thing- opiate withdrawal, as awful as it is,... "

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" ...i went to a hospital. and they treated me for opiate withdrawal . i had to give them the rite word in order to be admitted. and now i'm on suboxone recovery. you ca... "

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" ...Exactly. In the hospital, opiate detox and benzo/alcohol They know that opiate withdrawal wont kill you, so they give you some ibuprofen and send you on your dope sick way. But, with... "

" ...from a \"pill mill\" or have you been on pain maintenance for a long ...or something like that for the opiate withdrawal. im not sure if those threatening im sure a hospital would ha... "

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" I've gone cold turkey off opiates so many times and ...different story. It was like opiate withdrawal magnified and took much longer to go to the hospital for fear of seizures. I... "

" ...better today and hopefully the opiate withdrawal symptoms will go away in another week. I also (after my last hospital trip they have a ...2-3 weeks to get over the withdrawal symptoms.... "

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" admitted to a psychiatric ward/hospital unless you are a danger ...get you admitted to a hospital. In fact, I was in for inpatient treatment, since opiate withdrawal, hard as it is... "

" Opiate Withdrawal ? My husband quit Oxycodone ...week in the hospital to have assistance w/ the W/D's. Now that he is home the violent vomiting has ...The Dr's has given medication for the naus... "

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" ...took a half or so of suboxone ontop of the methadone. her methadone is at 90mg doses, and im not sure how much the suboxone was. probably 4. well, she isnt doing good. shes hurting and flopping an... "

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