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Omeprazole (International Nonproprietary Name) is a proton pump inhibitor used in the treatment of dyspepsia, peptic ulcer (PUD), gas...
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Omeprazole for Reflux
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Hair Loss
I have been taking Omeprazole since September/2014. I started to notice some hair loss while shampooing my hair and after time the hair loss increased. Today I goggled this drug, which was new to me, and found articles of others experiencing loss of hair. Today I quit this drug. Thank you to others that have left their stories for us to find.
August 23, 2015
Ginni Aug 23, 2015
Losing my hair,
I have been taking prescription strength Omeprazole gor just a few weeks and my hair is
falling out big time , I dread combing it, well I decided to goggle the drug and glad I did
I will never take another pill , thank you for Google

It made me impotent, and my hair fell out
November 8, 2014
and I was already bald, .... so
November 8, 2014
lol, why are you trying to scare someone ? I have been onit for 10 years and am anything but impotent

Omneprazole gave me acne
I never, NEVER, get acne. However, within the first few days of taking omneprazole for an 8 weeks "cure process" to cure gastritis, I started reacting to the medicine. After the 2nd week, it slowly got even worse, with tiny red acne on my chest and even moreso on my back. After the 3rd and 4th week of being on omneprazole, the acne increased even more, became inflamed and also showed up on my neck and shoulders. When I contacted the doctor and a local pharmacy, they told me theres no way that the acne could be from the omneprazole, since its an antacid and not an anti-inflammatory. However, I wasn't doing anything, taking, or using anything different than what iv always used so I knew they had to be wrong. Week 5 passed and the acne peaked at the worst it had been. Now, the 8th week has come and im finished with using the omneprazole (it did fix the gastritis, let me just say.) and the acne slowly subsided during the 6th-8th weeks of being on omneprazole. My theory is that since the omneprazole could have been killing bacteria in the intestine and was curing the intestinal wall, the acne was showing up due to this fact. If you look at a skin map for acne, it shows you that acne on the chest and back can be caused by an internal bacteria. Anyone suffering from acne when using Omneprazole can hopefully vouch for me.

chest and back acne from omeprazole
E6since I've been taking omeprazole (prilosec), I've been getting terrible zits on my back, chest, and neck. Some is bad acne, but the rest (especially on my chest) is tiny red zits, but a LOT of it and almost puslike. (Yuck) . I have to finish off this omeprazole for 8 weeks total, I am on the 4th week and the acne just keeps getting worse. Body acne scrubs and washes ate not helping.

possible omeprazole side effects
I've been taking ppi s about 12 years. Omeprazole about 10 years. My toes feel like they have a rubber coating on them and my feet are numb and feel like they lumps on the fore part of my feet. I starting noticing this about January of 2013, but I think it started before that and got gradually worse. It seems to be progressing rather fast now. Anyone have any solutions that worked for them?
April 7, 2015
I get exactly those symptoms and have been on Omaprazole since 2011. I described it as having my toes coated in wax. The lumps under my feet is like walking on cobbles and it comes and goes. I have noticed it seems to be extending up the front of my shin on one leg.

Shakiness, tremors
I had my esophagus scoped by an ENT after weeks of chronic cough and excess mucus in my throat. He prescribed omeprazole 20 mg daily. The feeling of all over shakiness and visible tremors in my hands began just days after starting this drug. To make matters worse, the headache that I already had got worse. I started a magnesium supplement that eased my headache, but the tremors are so bad that any paper I pick up flutters. I am really annoyed that none of these side effects were explained to me. Reading up on the condition of "silent GERD" led me to a meta analysis by the NIH that concluded that using omeprazole to diagnose this condition is not proven and that treatment with it had no better results than the use of a placebo. What a racket! This drug is horrible.

Omaperazole 20mg has caused sudden increase in fasting blood sugar
I have been having acid reflux and doctor advised me Omperazole 20mg daily. My fasting blood sugar was less than 95 after taking omaperazole 20mg for 2 months i found Blood sugar fasting shooting to 150. I am hypertensive but not diabetic and have no family history of diabetes. I was just thought that this Omaperzole may be the real culprit . I don't take alcohol nor my food habitat has changed during these 2-3 months. I would like to know if anyone have had similar problem if yes any research into this topic. I know drug company don't reveal full side effect. I have taken off this drug from today. If my hypothesis is right than this may become an issue because of indiscriminate prescription of omaperazole
October 7, 2015
Instead of Omeprazole for GERD, etc..try 1oz Apple Cider Vinegar...I know it sounds like BS....But it works...Problem is NOT too much acid, but too little...and Proton Pump Inhibitors and other acid suppressing drugs are designed to KEEP YOU taking the drug...try tapering off alternating prilosec one day, Apple Cider Vinegar the next may need to adjust how you wean, based on rebound reflux...but I tell you, youll be glad you did one day..
May 19, 2015
I have bee n diabetic for 11 years & was taking Omeprazole well before this ( 40 mg daily. Down to 20 mg daily now) , am on. Insulin, both long acting and rapid acting, and do not believe this gerd treatment has any effect whatsoever on my blood sugars , which are well controlled.
January 4, 2015
I am type 2 diabetic and take medication for my sugar levels
I have been on omaprazole 20 mg for nearly 3 weeks and could not understand my sugar levels being so high at each reading
I know it has been xmas but my diet has not been much different than usual
I have only just realised that my raised levels started when I began the omaprazole
I am not taking another and hope levels return to normal
December 18, 2014
I've just started taking citalopram, and been on omprezole for while, and omg I had the most horrendous hot flush last night and have left terrible since
November 6, 2014
I had similar problem having used omeprazole for 14 days.I stop it immediately .I hope blood sugar shall revert to normal.It was scary!!!!!!!
September 30, 2014
I just started taking the same thing and have the same problem. Did you stop the med and diid your sugar go back to the old numbers

Using Omeprazole 40 , one pill every day and after 3 days i became drowsiness. Cannot control myself not to sleep even after 12 hours of sleep. it is completely abnormal situation. i stopped the pill, still the condition exist but little better now. I had the heartbeat change & uneven behaviour also, but it was at the beginning of drowsiness.
January 21, 2015
Just wanted to tell you after four days on omeprazole 20, I was unable to function, extremely drowsy, can't get enough sleep, one night 11 hours, and still tired. I was a walking zombie which totally stressed me out.

Drowsiness and Prilosec
I am a 63 year old woman who was having problems with acid reflux and I asked my PCP to treat me for it after 2 mos of burning in my throat. I took the first pill and it made me so drowsy at work that I had to go home earlier than usual. Some people might see it as a negative but I have a brain that will not turn off at night to go to sleep. I stopped the medication after the drowsy episode at work, but tonight I am going to
try it for insomnia. The burning sensation in my throat has stopped.
August 1, 2014
Husband noticed I was having psychotic episodes on omeprazole. Doctor denied this as a side effect until he got on his computer to prove me wrong. He apologized when he found out he was wrong. I was removed from it and now just drink pickle juice when needed.
December 22, 2013
my husband has been prescribed this medication, but the pills are on 20 mg @, and dosage varies from 1 every other day to 1 per day, depending on the severity of GERD.
December 17, 2013
I have the same experience, after three days of using omeprazole, i became feeling weak alongwith with sleepiness. Not being able to make myself awake, eventhough i have been sleeping for more than 12 hours. I stopped using the medicine, still i have Drowsiness but little reduced
August 27, 2013
Please take small dose of OMEZ. Later everything will be OK.
heart rhythm.Stopped taking Omeprazole as I was having e...
" Muscle /joint pain, Chest pain, vivid nightmares, have had an ablation to cure high speed heart rhythm. Stopped taking Omeprazole as I was having... "

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