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(popularly referred to as 3 fatty acids or omega-3 fatty acids''') are essential unsaturated fat fatty acids with a double bo...
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Omega-3 for Dry Eyes
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Omega-3 and Dry Eyes

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Dry Eyes
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Dry Eyes
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flax oil so I dropped that one quick. Still take fish oil...
" Fish oil and flax never seemed to ...difference with me regarding the dry eye issue. Hated the taste of flax oil so I dropped that one quick. Still take fish oil when I remember as ...their work out... "

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lacrima or omega 3 for dry eye but this wont do it at all....
" ...out there such as lacrima or omega 3 for dry eye but this wont do it at all. Also in ...that milk is great for dry eye. I think its the best ...secret elixir or potion for dry eyes. It's more of all in... "

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diet and body cleansing cure dry eye?I have run many diet t...
" Can diet and body cleansing cure dry eye? I have run many diet tests since i got dry eye 2 years ago....most unsuccessful. Increasing Omega-3 with eggs i believe has helped but my efforts at... "

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overdose?My husband has severe dry eyes , and has started t...
" ...My husband has severe dry eyes , and has started taking omega 3 and flax seed oil. It is working very well, but his dose (after gradual increase to a point of benefit) is more than recommended. Can... "

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stop at this point! I also take an additional Omega 3 s...
" ...a product made for dry eyes that my doctor recommended (he also formulated it). It contains Vitamin A, E, C, B6 plus Black Currant Seed Oil, Omega 3's and Mucin Complex. I take 4 spread out thru... "

Post from
e helpful especially with my dry eyes. I was putting drops i...
" ...of moisturizer, chapstick, gum, eye drops and bottled water. I am also very sensitive to smells and smoke, but I also have lung complications so I avoid anything that makes it hard for me to breathe.... "

since i stopped the pill and now my dry eye is even worse...
" ...dryness. I took an omega 3 supplement everyday and used eye ointments to fix the issue. It worked for the most part but i still had a few severe episodes of the dry eye. I got fed up with dealing... "

(I've been having mild problems with dry eyes for a couple...
" ...for eyestrain (I've been having mild problems with dry eyes for a couple years). I went to the optometrist and was finally diagnosed with clinically dry eyes. So far, my treatment has been eyedrops... "

with some of my other problems. Have you tried Omega 3...
" ...and menopause can cause dry eyes. Pregnancy is high estrogen and menopause is low. It makes me wonder if it is fluctuating hormones. I see you are three years out from surgery. Have you had this... "

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uestion: Can nasal decongestant sprays cause eye dryness? T...
" ...using very much. I'm using Restasis, compresses, omega 3,6, and 9 supplementation, I'm well hydrated, etc., etc., etc. I still can't wear my RGPs for more than a couple of hours because of dryness.... "

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