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(Obsessive compulsive disorder)
Obsessive?compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehen...
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Common OCD treatments discussed around the web
Prozac 12,978 Zoloft 12,333 Paxil 7,298
525,884 conversations around the web about OCD to help you make a decision
525,884 conversations around the web about OCD to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating OCD

OCD & Ashwagandha

We found 31 discussions
" ...changed regarding my OCD plus feeling fatigue all day long, appetite loss and libido loss. I tried Prozac and Seroxat also for a long period of time, but they were as bad as Faverin. I am... "

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" my anxiety, panic or OCD and I just needlessly suffered ...side effects. I also have lyme disease so I know that ...tough. How high was your ashwagandha dose?? Do you know how... "

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" ...Baclofen 10mg 3x Lexapro 2.5 Lithium Oroate 5mg (just started) Memantine 10mg (plan to increase to 20mg) Alpha GPC 300mg Uridine 300mg Fish Oil 2.2g Ashwagandha Bacopa My OCD has gotten worse... "

" ...advice you to treat your anxiety/OCD, and forget about adding more ...though . I also have anxiety/OCD but I'm fine without any ...supplements, you might want try Ashwagandha. Read and resear... "

" ...some Ayurvedic/Herbal preparations like Ashwagandha , and something for the confusion. Ill see how each day goes. Also How what are your views on going on Prozac and how much it wil... "

" ...Congratulations for getting off Effexor. That's a triumph as that's a rough drug to stop. My post-Paxil OCD (never had it before) was ...welcome surprise. I started Ashwagandha first and foun... "

" ...feel you. i got ocd and anxiety BAD. ashwagandha... "

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" ...St. John's Wort had a profound effect on emotional resilience for me, ...enough). I've looked into Ashwagandha based on your suggestion ...contraindicted in people with OCD, but I guess every... "

" ...the OCD went away, mostly, while I was on probiotics, then when I was off of them, it would creep back. When I started ashwagandha, while not on probiotics, I noticed an improvement. After going... "

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" ...this. I don't know how. Has anyone successfully bonded with baby or healed a bond while on an antidepressant? I have to try something. I'm on St John's Wort, CLO, EPO, Vitex, a prenatal vitamin for... "

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