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Nuvaring is taken for: PCOS*


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Taken for: PCOS*
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
NuvaRing is the trade name for a combined hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring manufactured by Merck & Co.|Merck (formerly Schering-Plo...
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Nuvaring for PCOS
37,720 conversations around the web about Nuvaring to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Nuvaring and compared it to other PCOS medications
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7 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Nuvaring & Ortho Evra

We found 413 discussions
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" ...uncommon for the ring to expell in some women especially in those that don't have kids (same with Mirena). I had a problem using Nuvaring so I switched to Ortho Evra and love it. Just food for... "

" ...on birth control I was using the ortho evra patch however, I was suffering from side effects be extremely sick. I switched to NuvaRing and since then I was back to my normal self. Not on... "

"! i used orthoevra (the patch) for about a yr and then i started having migraine-like headaches and nausea when the first ...gyn recommended i switch to nuvaring. i have... "

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" Nuvaring always made me gain a bunch of weight.. it is a super ...BCP. Currently I am on Zovia 1/50E, and I up for you. I had good results with the patch (ortho-evra) however I could no... "

" ...Tried the Nuvaring when it first came onto the market, and boy, did it drive me crazy!! LOL I knew it was there and maybe it was all psychological, but I swore I could feel it \"chafing\" if you... "

" ...hormonal BC I'd highly recommend the Nuvaring. I tried a variety of pills and Ortho Evra, and had side effects (moodiness, nauseau the first day, ...I have not had ANY problems w/ Nuvaring and ... "

" ...then i got orthoevra (the patch) when i got down to 180 and promptly gained 3 lbs. it didn't go away until i quit the patch a couple of months later. i really think my intestines have... "

" Mircette to Ortho Evra to Nuvaring, and ...I probably experienced the fewest side effects on Nuvaring, which was nice! Just be sure to position it well when you insert... "

" ...and error. The Ortho Evra patch worked great for me, but my So I switched to Nuvaring which a lot of people absolutely adore.. and it worked alright though I'd sex got painful.... "

" ...ended up increasing my Synthroid ...then switched to the NuvaRing. I would REALLY like to get on the Ortho Evra patch (had awesome experience with it years ago, way before thyroid issues), but... "

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