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dietary supplement, also known as food supplement or nutritional supplement, is a preparation intended to supplement the d...
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What people say about Nutritional Supplements and Derealization?

#254 in Nutritional Supplements discussions - 4 posts discuss Derealization with Nutritional Supplements.
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apes. I am also on nutritional supplements. I think it i...
" know much about the derealisation. I have stopped having the panic attack so frequently now and ...and relaxation tapes. I am also on nutritional supplements. I think it is so, although I do get... "
supplements can provide relief from depersonalization...
" There is no evidence that nutritional supplements can provide relief from depersonalization or derealization. I would recommend against purchasing this supplement, as it is unlikely to do... "
What nutritional supplements are you on ? **i just feel...
" ...managed very well whilst feeling bad. Do you use a ...stuff you already know. What nutritional supplements are you on ? **i ...This sounds like depersonalization or derealization - a protective... "
tamin tablets which are only turning my urine bright yellow!...
" ...and about, but the whole derealisation process makes me feel like i supposed to do? I am spending all of my money on nutritional supplements such as Vitamin B complex and Muti Vitamin tablets which... "

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