Nupercainal is taken for: Itching


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Other names: Dibucaine
Method of use: Ointment, Rectal Ointment
Prescribing mode: OTC
Cinchocaine (or Dibucaine) is an amide local anesthetic. It is the active ingredient in some topical hemorrhoid creams such as ...
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Nupercainal for Hemorrhoids
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Nupercainal & Hemorrhoids

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Nupercainal is good for hemorrhoids but can be hard to...
" ...PP said, pick up ointment. Nupercainal is good for hemorrhoids but can be hard to ...CVS). Prep H sucks. If you can find Nupercainal, try Vaseline to help with chafing. Rest as much as... "

ointment used for hemorrhoids. It helps quite well for...
" Nupercainal is a local anesthetic ointment used for hemorrhoids. It helps quite well for me. I think the only reason the Calmoseptine sorta works is because of the menthol in it which... "

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have used Nupercainal cream, which is for hemmoroids or for...
" ...the itchy area. It can help draw out any toxins, and it seems to help reduce the itching for me, even with various causes. In a pinch I have used Nupercainal cream, which is for hemmoroids or f... "

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I have terrible pain from my hemorrhoids. I do not want to...
" ...hemorrhoids. I do not want to resort to surgery A doctor suggested tying them off with silk thread. Would anybody recommend this? I am currently using Proctofoam for the internal hemorrhoids an... "

of what I thought I had removed. When I put the nupercainal...
" referred to voice mail and did not get a response. My question is can new hemorrhoids develop in the recovery process... I swear they are back. At first I just thought it was swelling from th... "

diarrhea can aggravate your hemmorhoids.
" ...Nupercainal (dibucaine) for the irritation and itching? How is your diet and water intake? I personally am not a fan of stool softeners- my specialist recommended Citrucel to avoid constipation.... "

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I've had hemorrhoids off and on for many, many, many years....
" ...and on for many, many, many years. They flare up occasionally, and yes, sex can be uncomfortable. Try a warm bath to feel better in general. A different position during sex, or be gentler, not so ... "

do not make one old! I developed mine when I was...
" Hemorroids do not make one old! ...treatments to make one feel better, essentially you need to ...Personally, if I am in extreme pain, I use Nupercainal which also numbs them. Nupercainal is har... "

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surgical management of his hemorroids. Many can be managed...
" ...on the hemorroid which will help some. All creams do are sooth the pain. there is no topical product that can make hemorrhoids go away. I would recommend that he see a competent GI... "

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she cut and drained my hemorrhoids has been my saving grace...
" ...their products for hemorrhoids and I am ...and drained my hemorrhoids has been my saving grace this time around. It is called nupercainal. Look it ...helps prevent the hemorrhoids from gettin... "

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