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Paresthesia , spelled "paraesthesia" in American and British English spelling differences, is a Wikt:sensation of tingling, pricking,...
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Common Numbness treatments discussed around the web
Neurontin 4,687 Lyrica 4,095 Gabapentin 3,117
1,152,719 conversations around the web about Numbness to help you make a decision
1,152,719 conversations around the web about Numbness to help you make a decision
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Numbness & Subdural Hematoma

1.06% of the posts that mention Subdural Hematoma also mention Numbness (26 posts)
Subdural Hematoma
We found 26 discussions
" ...for a person to have bilateral numbness and weakness one set of ...cause bilateral symptoms. This mass may actually be an old subdural hematoma which could be related to the accident but may... "

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" ...get more intermittent regular Keppra to stop tonic-clonics when I get ...of my body started to go numb. Then emergency was called, and ...without emergency surgery for a frontal subdural hem... "

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" left eye and slight numbness in left hand finger tips. a small amount of traumatic subdural haematoma. The basal sections demonstrates a... "

" the hospital with a subdural hematoma (he's already had a LOT this morning that my uncle was unresponsive and rushed to ER. ...was a bust. I'm just numb right now. So yeah. Sorry... "

" ...have a nasty bruise (subdural hematoma)....minimum. Two nerves running up your fingertips. No mention of numbness or coldness in the ...but slowly. Take tylenol (over the... "

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" ...hematoma is different than a subdural hematoma. But it's probable that you ...symptoms (such as paralysis or loss of sensation which began at the time... "

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" ...although his first symptom was loss of sensation in his arm, it wasn't a stroke or aneurysm. it was a subdural haematoma, which is basically bleeding into the top layer under... "

" ...Cristina Fernandez is undergoing surgery Tuesday to relieve a subdural hematoma causing pressure on her brain. Here are some details ...headaches; seizures; or weakness or numbness of the arms, ... "

" the fact that the subdural hematoma is still present and pressing ...side of my face go numb. Thursday at home I had and my mouth was numb left hand to. I had... "

" ...issue. In the past I had head trauma with subdural hematoma that evacuated by Burt hole 12 years back with ...sometimes I get right arm numbness for a few seconds to... "

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