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Paresthesia , spelled "paraesthesia" in American and British English spelling differences, is a Wikt:sensation of tingling, pricking,...
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Common Numbness treatments discussed around the web
Neurontin 4,681 Lyrica 4,090 Gabapentin 3,112
1,151,478 conversations around the web about Numbness to help you make a decision
1,151,478 conversations around the web about Numbness to help you make a decision
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Numbness & Occipital Neuralgia

4.51% of the posts that mention Occipital Neuralgia also mention Numbness (144 posts)
Occipital Neuralgia
We found 144 discussions
" It turned out that my anxiety in the end was ...brain being depressed. I didn't feel sad, just felt numb with depersonalization. I feel much better now, I can ...and for pain from my Occipital N... "

" ...was diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia and having severe migraines. My right side of my face went numb and my right arm is weak. I get dizzy and nauseated a ...just started feeling pain that pr... "

" ...its TN and occipital neuralgia. i just had and chin half of my tonge are numb i take my meds on time every daymy trileptal dose has been increased and so has the neurotin dose. the painw... "

" ...buzzing in his head, numbness, pain, this moves into his shoulder. He is being treated for occipital neuralgia. He just ...bicarbonate. Why would he be injected with sodium bicarbonate for heada... "

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" ...muscle tissue. I have had numbness in my arms for about ...nerve block done on my occipital neuralgia top neck near my skull...and ...can't look up cause my neck still hurts. This Blows! good... "

" ...UK last week. I get right side numbness and occipital neuralgia as well as tn pain. ...get trapped it brings on numbness particularly in the arms and hands. Iv had numbness right down the right... "

" ...ON\ I have been experiencing shocking type pains in the ...and told me that it was occipital neuralgia. I did get shot. The numbness is gone now.\ \ I can still feel a very tender spo... "

" ...been experiencing shocking type pains in the ...head and told me that it was occipital neuralgia. I did get a ...shocks post shot. The numbness is gone now. I can still feel a very tender sp... "

" I have greater occipital neuralgia and intermittent trigenimal numbness. This started a year or so post bells palsy. ...3 months but i have noticed the pain comes back slowly and I can... "

" ...occipital numbness while sleeping?? As you ...etc.) I have been having an issue with numbness to the back of my ...helped. My neurologist calls it occipital neuralgia or numbness. Has anyon... "

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