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Other names: Tapentadol
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
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Nucynta for Pain
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Nucynta and Withdrawal

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We found 341 discussions
I took nucynta for 5 days. Before that I was on oxy 5 for 2 weeks. Am I going to have withdrawal like a heroin addict?
May 25, 2015
No you haven't taken it long enough.
he oxy and went to nucynta? That's not good. You should h...
" ...two days ago and have been in withdrawl ever since. My dose when I was You're saying you just stopped the oxy and went to... "
drawals switching from Norco to Nucynta.It provided minima...
" ...x 2. I actually went through withdrawals switching from Norco to Nucynta. It provided minimal relief but it also made me sleep 15 hours a day. Right now my PMD is prescribing me MSContin 30 mg x... "
from Lortab 10 to Nucynta and went through withdrawals.I've...
" ...taking 2 mg of Dilaudid 4 x a day for the last 2 1/2 months.It provides great pain relief to me.I'll has been bad. about 1 1/2 years ago I tried Nucynta.Got up to 150 mg x ...2 a day. I went from... "
punishment.I'm on Nucynta 150 now.It works pretty well but...
" ...and unusual punishment.I'm on Nucynta 150 now.It works pretty well but I ...least a 2 week withdrawal just switching from Lortab... "
switched from Norco to Nucynta I went through terrible wi...
" that when I switched from Norco to Nucynta I went through terrible withdrawals.This leads me to believe that it's not an opiate-based pain med.It's Tapetramadol(sp). I wanted... "
. new doc put me on nucynta and its like
" ...ans was switched to ms contin and oxycodone for breakthrough pa in n..i cantdo anything basically due tothe condition im in until back surgery, if im eligible. ive been off morphine and oxy for a... "
helping and just started nucynta 100mg Immediate release. I...
" ...a long use of Norco it no longer aw effective. For 2 months I was on opana 3 times a day along with a fentanyl patch. The effectiveness again was not helping and just started nucynta 100mg Immediate... "
crazy. I have experienced Nucynta withdrawal and that is...
" ...generic drug is top notch. Well, I am feeling better. That was horrible withdrawal. I was vomiting like crazy. I have experienced Nucynta withdrawal and that is easy....just makes me tired. Extremely... "
withdrew from nucynta (after getting some prodecural relief...
" ...a legal script for valium, that can help too. IF it gets really bad, don't risk it, go to urgent care because although rare, withdraws can be very dangerous if severe. I know those things will... "

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