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Novocaine is taken for: Pain Local Anesthetic Sedation


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Other names: Procaine, Novocain
Prescribing mode: Rx
Procaine is a local anesthetic drug of the amino esters group. It is used primarily to reduce the pain of intramuscular injection of p...
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Novocaine for Pain
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Does Novocaine cause Tingling ?

#4 in Novocaine discussions - 148 posts discuss Tingling with Novocaine. Tingling is #4 concern in Novocaine discussions.
We found 148 discussions
" ...ones, lol. I've had tingling of my chin like novocaine wearing off, and on my scalp as well. I assume it... "

" ...around the nerve and irritated it so I had numbness for about 5 days and a tingly pain (like when novocaine wears off or you hit your funny bone) fo... "

" ...time my mouth and tongue tingle?similar to Novocaine. No changes in my meds ...last year or so. Could Metaformin cause this? I've lost weight and I'm still taking... "

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" ...subsided, replaced with an annoying tingling whenever I bite down or ...mouth in a particular way. Reminds me of the tingling you get when novocaine wears off. If it's not one thing, it's a... "

" ...totally \"I can't feel a pin prick\" numb, but numb and tingly when touched like \"the novocaine is wearing off.\" How many minutes/hours/days would the numbness... "

" Still Tingling?! I went to the dentist four weeks ago to biggest concern is that my nose is still tingling/twitching like when the novocaine wears off. I'm wondering if it can still be... "

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" ...blood cause i hate gauze in my mouth. my damn mouth is still tingly from the Novocaine though i wish that would just wear off already... and zeph what do... "

" ...with novocaine. It just started up on it's own. At first it felt like I had hairs or strings all over my chin. Now I am getting numbnss and tingling all lips and cheeks are tingly....PLEAS... "

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" ...imbalance and always tired (having RA does not help). Sometimes I get tingling in my face around my mouth - like coming out from under Novocaine. So many emotions to describe... "

" ...of novocaine's wearing off, mainly on the left side, but it feels as though it's on my bottom lip and jaw, and a small section of the jaw on my right side too. It's not too aweful, but yet it's ... "

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