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Not Sleeping

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(Sleep disorder)
sleep disorder, or somnipathy, is a medical disorder of the sleep patterns of a person or animal. Some sleep disorders are seri...
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Common Not Sleeping treatments discussed around the web
Melatonin 12,051 Ambien 9,420 Benadryl 4,478
671,996 conversations around the web about Not Sleeping to help you make a decision
671,996 conversations around the web about Not Sleeping to help you make a decision
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Not Sleeping & Shaking Hands

0.17% of the posts that mention Shaking Hands also mention Not Sleeping (60 posts)
Shaking Hands
Not Sleeping
We found 60 discussions
" ...other common reactions, plus either not sleeping or crashing out.) I usually well as keeping mouth well. (I'm at the shaky hands and not sleeping at night stage, so this may not be very... "

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" ...a lot last night, and shaky hands are a sign (as if ...need a sign) that I didn... "

" ...all pumpers! Despite which pump! *shaking hands and singing pretty songs* (Sorry, I think that I didn't sleep much last night....... "

" ...but I had crazy symptoms that went with it, not sleeping but really tired, sweating after a shower, shaking hands. This eventually had to be removed. I would still... "

" ...experienced hair loss, shaking hands, concentration issues, memory, ...weight loss& gain, sleep problems and depression. I have been on Depakote since 1983, been on Topamax, Vimpat, Phenobarb... "

" ...doing ok, had a lot of cravings today, felt anxiety, shaky hands..UGH but I did deep breaths , drank water and juice to keep sugar up..didn't sleep too well either. Hope it... "

" ...have anxiety and depression. I'm not sleeping much and take ambien. When I wake up I heart beat and shaky hands. It's very scary. My ...My doctor recently put me on cymbalta. I'm al... "

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" ...other than bowing. I like shaking hands, I also like saluting or saying sir after the end of your sentence, or not sleeping with your best friends wife even when she has... "

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" ...If you can't afford the shaky hands, then you are probably a ...mind if you contacted him to discuss your situation. Not sleeping can be dangerous for mania. Cheers,... "

" ...which it hasnt had since 2 nights ago, occasional shaky hands but felt more alert than I can remember although I didn't sleep so well last night. Otherwise it wasn't too bad... "

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