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Nose Bleeds

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Epistaxis to bleed from the nose: (epi) - "above", "over" + (stazo) - "to drip" [from the nostrils]) or a nosebleed i...
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113,099 conversations around the web about Nose Bleeds to help you make a decision
113,099 conversations around the web about Nose Bleeds to help you make a decision
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Nose Bleeds & Thyroid Problem

0.04% of the posts that mention Nose Bleeds also mention Thyroid Problem (43 posts)
Nose Bleeds
Thyroid Problem
We found 43 discussions
" this way after having my thyroid problems. The tongue sores and problems ...swollen? I have had nose bleeds from anemia but I ...Rapid heartbeat and the feeling of breathlessness can als... "

" with my thyroid problem so maybe she'd ...vomitting of blood. I am in a bad mood right now. I had a nose bleed earlier that wouldn't stop. This scares me because my brother had leukemi... "

" ...your first post above m. All except for the bloody nose, large boils on neck, thyroid problems, anaphylaxis and death obviously! Guess what molds were found... "

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" I think that the nosebleed was caused by me using nasonex regularly. When I discontinued ...negative and you still have thyroid issues. the nodules could be causing ...and chest. Is your voice... "

" ...female who had a first nosebleed 2days ago,after having a normal ...after laying back down, another nosebleed. I am concerned. My ...normal, and I only have thyroid issues, which are cont... "

" ...maybe its my eyes....and had an episode of a little nose bleed. I've been having hot flashes today... Sigh...still gotta wait.... I am thinking thyroid problems as well....butttt like ... "

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" ...since it was a minor nose bleed and the dogs had been ...check ups (twice yearly for Katie b/c of her thyroid issues) and when something happens, I weigh the need for... "

" ...old has frequent bruising, High platett count, lots of nose bleeds and daily headachesthat we found were associated with a .... Long story. I have lots of thyroid problems so I recognize your na... "

" ...first nosebleed something more serious? I have never had a nosebleed up until just now. ...problems lately including thyroid problems, possible cancer, and ...of some kind..I am extra weak & ... "

" ...I know that I have frequent nose bleeds (about twice a week... really ...I may get cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid problems (already went through 5 ultrasounds just to see if... "

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