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Nose Bleeds

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Epistaxis to bleed from the nose: (epi) - "above", "over" + (stazo) - "to drip" [from the nostrils]) or a nosebleed i...
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113,117 conversations around the web about Nose Bleeds to help you make a decision
113,117 conversations around the web about Nose Bleeds to help you make a decision
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Nose Bleeds & Swollen Ankles

0.17% of the posts that mention Swollen Ankles also mention Nose Bleeds (50 posts)
Swollen Ankles
Nose Bleeds
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" ...and I just noticed my ankles swell now. ( My 84 yr ...during the first month of vaping I started getting a bloody nose and sores in my mouth. but least I am... "

" ...about my mother because she is experiencing ankle edema for 3 months now while taking norvasc. and one time my ...mentioned to me she experienced epistaxis (nosebleed) while walking in the mall.... "

" ...tiredness! | Forum UK I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but.... Has anyone else had nose bleeds while ...heavy (I never get nose bleeds!) I have been extremely tired and have swollen ankles a... "

" ...suffered with swollen ankles ...nose bleed woke me up at 4am today Finishing work early this afternoon Received a letter from the hospital saying that I need to take iron tablets and cou... "

" Knock on wood, but I have been lucky with the whole bloody nose thing, but the swollen ankles and feet suck! Best thing for me is just... "

" ...hae also had an easy pregnancy, but now before i pop i have swollen ankles, high bp, nose bleeds, itchy stretch marks, annoying people all over, and just gettin more miserable closer... "

" ...Venofer injections suggested. Have bleeding nose and swelling in the ...taken 06 injections of venofer in saline drips I/V. And after that, I felt horrible, with bleeding nose and extreme swelli... "

" I get a nose bleed pretty much everyday and there usually really bad. I ...with being preggers. If I've been shopping I get swollen ankles and I'm always feeling breathless but I put that... "

" Yep the nose bleeds are quite common in pregnancy and the tiredness is just a permenanr ...due to see midwife to have your pee checked? Swollen ankles in this weather aren't unusual but it could be... "

" ...been back to work 3 mornings and yesterday noticed swollen ankles and fingers, still there today, and woke and had a nose bleed, oh dear, never had them before. wouldnt care but... "

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