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Nose Bleeds

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Epistaxis to bleed from the nose: (epi) - "above", "over" + (stazo) - "to drip" [from the nostrils]) or a nosebleed i...
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114,556 conversations around the web about Nose Bleeds to help you make a decision
114,556 conversations around the web about Nose Bleeds to help you make a decision
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Nose Bleeds & Iodine

We found 30 discussions
" ...bleeds Has anyone else had this problem after radioactive iodine treatment, apart from the ...weeks on my partner Brians nose bleeds everytime he blows ...symptom of radioactive iodine treatm... "

" ...My dad just had the radioactive iodine treatment done 2 weeks ago and has started having frequent nose bleeds and cold sores. These are things he never experienced before and was wondering... "

" ...from nostril, no odor, having dizziness, migraines, blurry vision. History ...I thought it was a nose bleed , but after inspection, the ...a bright yellow - like iodine . No odor, and not... "

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" ...iodine ...Epistaxis Rebound sinus reaction from drugs (like Afrin) and smog I love it because it does moisturize and helps me breathe better through my dry nose. It has a menthol element to it... "

" ...have no taste, my nose bleeds daily, and I have daily rectal bleeding which all started a week after the radioactive Iodine. I met with my ...where the scan showed iodine. I was looking at... "

" very deficient in iodine, so once a week I put a patch of tincture of iodine on his skin. It helps him calm down ...him to take magnesium, which is ...give him a bloody nose anymore, but t... "

" ...I mix 1 3/4 teaspoons iodine free salt with half teaspoon ...the canal. I'd estimate my sinus problem at 50% better (but will help. I stopped getting nose bleeds after... "

" ...might want to dismiss this iodine product as simply ...(acute, chronic, allergic); post nasal drip; epistaxis (due to irritations ...and the nasal anti-inflammatory Nasacort is \"allergic rhi... "

" ...\" What is the relationship of iodine insufficiency to my stroke\". I ...after that one. Grizz, I am unable to walk more than a ...head on my elbow, and a nose bleed that required the ENT s... "

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" an ER with a nose bleed that went on for over I had been taking asprin for headaches and senna ...boxes while there. There were iodine sticks in the drawer which... "

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