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Nose Bleeds

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Epistaxis to bleed from the nose: (epi) - "above", "over" + (stazo) - "to drip" [from the nostrils]) or a nosebleed i...
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113,338 conversations around the web about Nose Bleeds to help you make a decision
113,338 conversations around the web about Nose Bleeds to help you make a decision
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Nose Bleeds & Female Sex Hormones - Estrogens

We found 172 discussions
" You get nose bleeds at start or just before menstration because of the hormone estrogen it causes your blood vessels to swell and rupture... "

" no. eq will evoke estrogen related sides (acne, bloat, gyno, ...sides. the primary side i experience is nose bleeds, but i get ... "

" ...issues in past when estrogen too low. I also ...seemed to be allergic to estrace (and all oral ...end up with a bloody nose, snoring loudly... "

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" ...did more obsessive searching and there was one person who asked about nose bleeds when preggo and Dr. Eva said \"estrogen makes the sinuses very... "

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" ...pregnancy \\\". You might also get a nosebleed occassionally. It is caused by estrogen incuded edema (swelling ) and vascular congestion of your nasal mucosa. Keep... "

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" ...I take dbol I get constant nose bleeds, maybe 2 times a day, ...think it must be the estrogen dbol is converted to increases... "

" ...will increase estrogen hence the reason to ...that will answer your question although i stop clomid after 3 weeks of pct as i get vision problems head aches and nose ble... "

" ...never heard of nose bleeds being a side about your nose bleeds? Headaches can be a symptom of both low estrogen and/or low progesterone. ...much/too little of estrogen and proges... "

" ...pao shen. Zuen, i experienced the nose bleed too. Twice so far. Read ...that. Not about heatiness. Some estrogen/ hormone thingy i think. Can't... "

" ...increased to 75mcg I had a nose bleed and felt head pressure.Back down to 50mcg and ...shakey. I read somewhere that oestrogen interferes with thyroxine-herbal or HRT.... "

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