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Hydrocodone/paracetamol (also known as hydrocodone/acetaminophen) is a combination of two analgesic products hydrocodone and par...
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Norco for Pain
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Norco & Qualitest Pharmaceuticals

We found 131 discussions
Norco/hydrocodone, Qualitest brand name generic.
I've seen a few internet posts disparaging the Qualitest brand of hydrocodone w/APAP, saying that it doesn't work and is 'like taking nothing -- would rather have Watson brand'. Well, on this prescription I got the Qualitest version for the first time. I'm pleased with it, seems rather strong actually. It took a bit longer to 'kick in' (like an hour) than the other brands, but when it did I certainly got all 4 barrels of it! I think that's the difference between brands of the same medicine: how long it takes to start working. Some brands 'melt in your mouth' & begin working immediately. But there's a drawback to that: the effect will likewise leave fast. Too fast, like 30 minutes. I much prefer the harder pills (such as Qualitest brand) which take a while to dissolve, but then kick-in suddenly an hour later and *last* for 4-6 hours. I'm pleased with the 'power' of Qualitest brand hydrocodone/APAP -- am not worried about it's slower onset. Because power is what''s needed in this type of medicine.
March 24, 2015
Hands down i have tried the M367 Watson 853 and the Qualitest 3601 and by far the Qualitest far surpasses other brands.i am a suffering from severe chronich pain from accident that caused me to be parapaligic for 31 years now.My advice don'e waste time or money on anything but quaiitest.again just my experience.
January 12, 2015
Qualitest is one of the better generic forms of Norco--but it is not nearly as strong as the Watson generic brand. Each time I go to the pharmacy, they give me something different--and there can be a 40% variation between the amount of active ingredients between one generic and another generic. I reported a discrepancy like this to the FDA and they responded that a 20% variance (either more or less) of the active ingredient from the name brand drug is completely legal.
October 8, 2014
Right now is take any brand cause FDA causing a lot of problems in Michigan. No drug store has any cause FDA said label had to changed, so they had to send back what they had and now waiting for suppliers to ship them to the store. I would of thought FDA would of thought this out better. I have a disease and need my Meds but what I do

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" My doctor prescribed Norco 7.5-325 but pill is oval,orange,v3605 on it?is this qualitest labs? Yes. This is the same as Norco see... "

" ...correct (5mg hydrocodone/500mg acetominophen). I had the Mallinckrodt m365 norco 5/325 a few weeks ago and they seemed better than a generic 3601 qualitest which i... "

" Ilene, your right. I have been taking lorcet by mallinckrodt. I was switched to . Norco 10/325 and the . Maker was qualitest. Had the Same symptoms. I'm... "

Post from
" ...half mark then 01. the? What you have is Norco, 10/325 tab made by Qualitest Manufacturer. If there is anything else you need to... "

" ...a slightly larger white oblong pill, (both with a 'v' on them), for Norco? Just had it refilled, and it is just not working. (For pain, mfr: Qualites... "

" Kaiser switched to Qualitest, and their norco 10/325 is worse than useless. I will have to go to Walmart although it will cost me a small fortune; they still use Mallinckrodt, and... "

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" ...10/325 hydrocodone. I think anyone on here can tell you they prefer any other brand of over mallinkrodt when it comes to hydrocodone. I think most people like the qualitest, but still think... "

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" Generic Norco 10/325 My Dr wants me on the Norco 10/325 becasue of the apap but ...what. I have tried the Qualitest but they dont work at ...the same thing. I take the Lortab 7.5/500 right now b... "

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" ...have taken the norco 10/325 for about two yrs ...just changed manufacturers from qualitest to M'CKRODT SPEC. anyone ...PHARMACY WILL FILL THE NORCO 10/325 (OBLONG BRIGHT YELLOW) QUALITEST... "

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