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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Nitrazepam cause Depression ?

#7 in Nitrazepam discussions - 179 posts discuss Depression with Nitrazepam. Depression is #7 concern in Nitrazepam discussions.
We found 179 discussions
" ...Flunitrazepam: Im Scared.\ having taken nitrazepam with no problems at all ...finding them a godsend when depression strikes. have now moved to told they dont have nitrazepam and have b... "

" ...I have been taking Nitrazepam steadily for about ...but feel very bad; depressed and depersonalized...Anyone know anything ...I have read about St. John's Wort.......Please reply if you have... "

" ...I have been taking Cipralex for 11 days and ...effect of cipralex or the depression itself-but I think it is the depression. My doc gave me a sleeping pill-Nitrazepam. I have been taking these... "

" ...valium and in a matter of about 6 hours my body is trembling,and there is no point asking doctors as they wont know what to do.You are right that we are left to our own devices yet if i was a stree... "

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" ...types of antideprssants as he thinks it might be depression.....been to hsopital to see if it might be sleep all unless i take 2 nitrazepam. i cant sleep at all... "

" ...Nitrazepam and 15 mg zopliclone. Up to 1200mg of Amisulpride and ive just been given Citalopram, i think that's how its spelt ? Ive been well for 2 years and im going back down slowly. My GP told ... "

" ...depression is a symptom of w/d and I spend 4 months of hell in psych hospital and I see a man who does't know me and because I had lost a lot of weight and I mean a lot you could see my ribs,he put... "

" ...started for me. When it comes down to either valium and clonazepam, they generally serve the same purpose. But the real kicker is more pronounced anxiolitic property in the clon. Sure, valium gets... "

" ...ago, I again had trouble sleeping. Most nights I certainly didn't help my depression or ability to function. I'm currently taking Nitrazepam which seems to be helping with sleep. Sinc... "

" ...also put on Lithium as the Remeron was not working as a AD,that was because I c/t but they would not believe me that was the problem and said I was suffering from depression,I had ...was on Nitr... "

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