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nightmare is an unpleasant dream that can cause a strong negative emotional response from the mind, typically fear and/or horror and t...
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303,196 conversations around the web about Nightmares to help you make a decision
303,196 conversations around the web about Nightmares to help you make a decision
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Nightmares & Essential Oils

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" ...with the sleep walking, but the Rescue Remedy and essential oils in the repellant might be helpful with the terrors. 4:30 because she had nightmares about a bee stinging her... "

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" ...blends of 100% pure essential oils, For relaxation, sound sleep, ...also help when you are troubled by nightmares, Relaxing herbs ? primarily ...they really work help like to relax, sleep be... "

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" not military. I have PTSD following my son's birth ...the new pregnancy. When my nightmares are especially bad, I find that diffusing certain calming essential oils while I sleep can help... "

" I actually helped a girlfriend of mine with her son having nightmares all the time. Sounds similar to your situation, it ...I gave her some pure essential oils (lavendar, bergamot, ylang ylang) on... "

" ...suffered for years from the most graphic and horrific nightmares imaginable. What i found ...i used lavander essential oils to help me ...journalaling and expressing my pain/anger/hurt etc du... "

" ...ages and ages, I've been ill with bronchitis. Finally getting better, ...always kept the nightmares away! I have ...- mouldable aromatherapy dough containing essential oils, that can ... "

" kids. Are you sure your kiddo is having nightmares? My dd started teething ...what I thought were nightmares. Finally I felt the ...necklace, and the \"nightmares\" went away immedia... "

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" ...with miracle results. My redmark cure/acne scar help has ...degrees and then mixed with essential oils and botanicals. I won't dare ...face. I've heard too many nightmares about them. Anyway,... "

" ...My fiance' cannot tolerate certain essential oils, as he has arrhythmias starting after consuming the ...will cause him to have nightmares, whereas if I were to... "

" ...I can imagine (in my nightmares) what living with a 24 ...standard remedies. Acupuncture, acupressure, hypnosis, essential oils...I think Lemon, Peppermint, Spearmint and... "

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