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Nicotine + Autopsy

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Ask a question
74 conversations around the web about Nicotine + Autopsy to help you make a decision
74 conversations around the web about Nicotine + Autopsy to help you make a decision
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Nicotine & Autopsy

We found 74 discussions
" ...said he had to die from something when I had an autopsy preformed --at the Dr's suggestion-his lungs were 75% affected at the age of 63 they told me nicotine makes your blood thicken and causes... "

" ...Old school smoker. Theres an autopsy tomorrow and will for sure update. I think he may have overdosed on nicotine and had a heart attack. He started vapeing when he quit and I... "

" ...with you on this. The only certain way to know if the child died from imbibing nicotine ejuice is to conduct an autopsy. This case sparks the Sherlock and if an autopsy was not conducted a... "

" ...small woman. There was an autopsy report that lists a high level of nicotine also being found in Killgallen's ...Sunday night November 7, 1965. She would be found dead just a few hours... "

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" ...hardens your arteries . My cousin was a smoker and died at 40 the bus stop. The autopsy report indicated hardened arteries secondary ...probably more than likely the nicotine. I wish... "

" ...quit before I had huge, bloody tumors growing from the ...from my own personal experience that nicotene gum makes an excellent try quitting). Looking at autopsy photos of people who... "

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" ...lethal and undetectable in an autopsy, I believe deep in my ...the cigarettes themselves. Things like Nicorette Nicoderm InvisiPtach So, I think ...guys think? Is it my paranoia... "

" ...died. A January 2011 Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner's autopsy says Hamilton died from a drug overdose, citing ?combined heroin and cocaine toxicity? as Hamilton's cause of death. Michael... "

" ...this research about how long nicotine stays in brain tissue and ...don't get the attention that nicotine seems to be getting. You ...the stuff. The traces of nicotine are just that, tra... "

" ...deaths due to nicotine quick note to the ...Child dies after drinking nicotine liquid another noted here the original story. no autopsy,or toxicology memorials or "

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