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Method of use: Injection, Pill
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Category: Dietary supplement
Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, nicotinic acid (not the same as nicotine) and vitamin PP, is an organic compound w...
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Niacin for High Cholesterol
74,609 conversations around the web about Niacin to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Niacin and compared it to other High Cholesterol medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Niacin and Hearing Loss ?

#157 in Niacin discussions - 32 posts discuss Hearing Loss with Niacin.
We found 32 discussions
" I took niacin and chromium had a allergic reaction. Now have hearing loss taken two weeks of prednisone ears sound like a thousand Mosquitos in my head. I m serving a acupunturist and a... "

" ...called tinnitis. i also have hearing loss. my ear doc says that when you have hearing loss you almost always experience tinnitis.'s quite irritating. i was told to take niacin pills tha... "

" ...of vitamins, etc., yet my hearing loss remained profound. One thing that ...walgreens or walmart) and slo-release niacin. I have found that those help somewhat. Hearing loss is not a fun roa... "

" ...Right now, I'm suffering from hearing loss in both ears. I ...not, viruses can cause hearing loss) In my case, my ...improvement in my hearing....I've been taking Niacin (it's a vasodialato... "

" ...type 2 diabetes. His advice is to to take B12 nasal spray or sublingual, stop using aspartame (it causes hearing loss, tinnitus..), take niacin with the flush ...the divided dose, niacin has bee... "

Post from
" ...started taking prescription medicine. I was interested in taking supplements that are supposed to help with the hearing loss though -- I take the niacin and B12 but does anyone know of any... "

" ...loud noises than ever before. \\\ \\\ A Neurologist / Ear-Nose-Throat ... "

" ...had to try it. Was on Niacin and Lipo-Flavonoid for about 3 ...about the side effects of Niacin. At this point, I listen head (and I have mild T with hearing loss on the high frequency... "

" I'm not knocking vitamins - I have a hearing loss and tinnitus - but I did swallow about 30 ...- won't make you sick Be careful on those niacin capsules and some of the others- read up on... "

" ...constant tinnitus and hearing loss in one ear. Meclizine and Diamox didn't help, but my family doctor suggested that I might try some niacin. I started ...(I still have the hearing loss and tinn... "

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