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Method of use: Injection, Pill
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Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, nicotinic acid (not the same as nicotine) and vitamin PP, is an organic compound w...
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Niacin for High Cholesterol
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What people say about Niacin and Hearing Loss?

#145 in Niacin discussions - 41 posts discuss Hearing Loss with Niacin.
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took niacin and chromium had a allergic reaction. Now have...
" I took niacin and chromium had a allergic reaction. Now have hearing loss taken two weeks of prednisone ears sound like a thousand Mosquitos in my head. I m serving a acupunturist and a... "
i was told to take niacin pills that you can get...
" ...called tinnitis. i also have hearing loss. my ear doc says that when you have hearing loss you almost always experience tinnitis. ...loss. it's quite irritating. i was told to take niacin pills that... "
iacin. I have found that those help somewhat. Hearing l...
" ...of vitamins, etc., yet my hearing loss remained profound. One thing that ...walgreens or walmart) and slo-release niacin. I have found that those help somewhat. Hearing loss is not a fun road,... "
that I have moderate hearing loss. He prescribed Vali...
" ...loud, causes almost daily bad headaches, and serious sleep deprivation. I am more sensitive to loud noises than ever... "
then! (I still have the hearing loss and tinnitus, but I...
" ...I had constant tinnitus and hearing loss in one ear. Meclizine and Diamox didn't help, but my family doctor suggested that I might try some niacin. I started taking 100 ...since then! (I still have the... "
ny doctors have prescribed niacin for tinnitus and that is...
" ...irritated which could also cause tinnitus. Hearing loss and damage to the inner ...likely you have some type of hearing loss. The cause of the tinnitus know that many doctors have prescribed niacin... "
noise and I can't hear conversations. I lip read a...
" I have tinnitus too. Cranial impacts, shops ...rifle......M198s Any background noise and I can't hear... "
was SSNHL and had hearing loss wich later (after 6 months-...
" ...onset was SSNHL and had hearing loss wich later (after 6 months- ...was corrected by itself? Will give NAC a try, if I suggest? Also for B3 (NIACIN)? I also take 2 eviol... "

hearing....I've been taking Niacin (it's a vasodialator)...
" ...Kendra! Right now, I'm suffering from hearing loss in both ears. I woke ...or not, viruses can cause hearing loss) In my case, my hearing ...improvement in my hearing....I've been taking Niacin (it's a... "
nnitus and hearing loss, and have managed to habituate to...
" ...Many of us have had tinnitus and hearing loss, and have managed to habituate ...I'm taking that have helped are magnesium (I take magnesium chloride), NAC, vitamins, and niacin. For awhile, I took holy... "

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