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Other Names: Escitalopram   Lexapro
Escitalopram (trade names Anxiset E(India) Lexapro, Cipralex, Seroplex, Lexamil, Lexam) is an antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (United States) (FDA) for the treatmen... Read more on Wikipedia

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Based on 850 patient discussions on healthcare websites and blogs
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Treato My Voice
By Master
June 30, 2014
Master wrote
Nexito - Weight Gain and Withdrawal Issues
Friends, I want to add on to my below shared experience by topic [Nexito 20 mg to 5mg - Positive and Negative Effects !! - Works well if used in full monitoring] Please read it and understand to get an better idea of Nexito working effects.

Note - Nexito works well with good monitoring and regular visit to your Psychiatrist. Keep him always informed and he will help you out. Start the treatment and later taper it when you feel you are becoming normal but with Doctor's approval. Don't do R&D or anything on your own which can be dangerous too.

Few more things i missed out was I put on a weight of say 21 kgs more fat at abdomen tummy level and heavy sleeping of 3 or more hours in day time including night normal 8 hrs sleep. Nexito relaxes your brain and central nervous system, sleeping is good for body but not excessive sleeping can lead to new problems. I have tried my best to be physically active.

As dose reduced, my weight started reducing accordingly. No issues.

But weird withdrawal symptoms sometimes when am fed up taking medicine and stopped it few days like
- Extreme sound sensitive, like i always feel someone at door, hear tv at very less sound, can hear even tap water drop falling like a CAT i had become and could hear all neighbors chats and all it was strange..
- Any bright color like Red would irritate me, things scattered would irritate me and i would scold or scream as i want neatness and perfect. Doctor told me that am a Type A personality so i do that.
- A pressure cooker whistle would make me angry, god that was height so i resume my medication back and i was cool. My wife told me i cant manage you like this if you are so sensitive to sound and things lets go to doctor.
- It is a hell feeling when you dont take it or stop it abruptly so taper it using doctor advice.

Good luck friends.
Friend, it is very effective. It works well. It relieved me from depression
ACPoswal  |  July 13, 2014
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By Master
June 28, 2014
Master wrote
Nexito 20 mg to 5mg - Positive and Negative Effects !! - Works well if used in full monitoring.
Treato.com - Request you to post my story of NEXITO experience in both positive and negative sections as both the side people should read and clear their myths if any. Awareness and Understanding is Very Imp.
Am from Bangalore, India. Working at a software product development IT company, MBA, 34, Male, Medium Height 5.7 and Weight 65 kg, Married and Well settled. Traveled to 6 countries abroad covering states, Europe, Singapore, Ireland and Korea. Extrovert, adventurous, outgoing, smart and hardworking towards career. That's my intro as an individual....but during the struggle of life to survive few things started going wrong, how and when that even i dont know, some say stress, i have got various explanations from Psych Doctors but no issues am almost fully normal now and living happy life...........thanks to friends, family, and god...

4 yrs back when i was 31 I suffered from OCD (Checking locks, light switches, windows, wallet, repeatedly) Constant worry about myself, my future what's going on things like that, also panic and anxiety disorder, heavy mood swings, irritation, losing temper, Angry in seconds and also cool down in seconds after some time. .. i would talk a lot sometimes, sometimes silent for weeks, but i was working well as a professional but due to these issues i worked in odd hours like 3 pm to 11pm so that no body notices me much, i do my work at office and get back home, i live alone too so some sort of insecurity i may have developed which doctor said when that no body knows, my father is short temper so the hereditary in dna would have made me short temper too, various things trust me i know how i was and how am today...................

Friends this is my treatment - *ONLY NEXITO, NOTHING ELSE*

I went on NEXITO 20mg daily one for two years (Result was very good from the first week of treatment i was feeling very good, very normal, back to life, OCD decreased, no panicking or worrying but yes i was drowsy and sleepy next day say 3 hrs more in morning than normal night sleep, i slept on office desk too for a while sometime say 30 mins.

After 2yrs NEXITO 15 MG 6months then drop to 10mg 6 months.

After that drop to NEXITO 5 MG for 3 months, i have also dropped in middle to 2.5mg by cutting the tablet to overcome withdrawal symptoms which are more strange and weird...i again took 5mg twice say one in a week now and all is fine say 95% my life is back to normal, people find huge positive difference in me and am happy.

If anyone/people want to know how to overcome withdrawal symptoms, do write to me or reply/comment with your query/issue i will help you out.

NEXITO 20/15/10/5 (2.5X2) mg doses - As advised by doctor, controlled and well monitored by patient and doctor if followed accurately this is my findings:

Positive - Works fine very well with or without food, does not interfere life much in anyway at start and during course of medication, you feel calm, relaxed, composed, all thoughts in control, active, feel life kicking back again, go to office, enjoy home life, love life, hangout, chill out but dont miss your tab everyday. I took in night later in afternoons. OCD and other issues will drop eventually. Then taper it off which is not easy trust me. This is a psychiatry medication which are known a s life changing drugs which have to be taken very carefully.

Negative -

Heavy sleep, drowsiness, feel like i have not slept for agesbut once you sleep well you are fresh and active/hyperactive so that i used to be productive at office all that alertness. State of say happy and sad mood at same time. Feeling of dieing or killing someone else just as thoughts like you wished your boss is killed or he dies something like that. I have noticed smooth surfaces like spoon shine, door shine, floor shine, mirror shine would capture my attention a lot and i keep observing or stare for like 15/20 mins for no reason so people have told me like hey what happened? did you lose anything? anything has fallen down? I parked my bike or car at office and just cant leave it and go like i want it to be wih me all the time so my gf who is my wife now would get annoyed like hey you love your bike more than me and all where as actually the shine of the mirror or bike body that captured my attention.

Weekends no sleep just imagine, all working days am drowsy and all of sudden am like a OWL watching stars, working all night and day, doing all houshold work too, that was way weird and mondays i slept off taking off from office, all sorts of weird stuff happens as you lower dosage because body system has to adapt and soon i was feeling some improved differences in me and i was knowing am feeling better..
Loneliness, worry about career/future, traffic while driving, temper, small arguments, fights, screaming on small things then later after some time i cool down say sorry..
sir did u take this medicine on regularly basis? i am using this for about 5 years but irregularly . could it be suitable to reduce my drug to 5mg i am taking 10 mg
September 19, 2014
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By juhi
August 10, 2013
juhi wrote
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