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Neulasta is taken for: Neutropenia


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Taken for: Neutropenia
Other names: Pegfilgrastim
Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
Pegfilgrastim is a PEGylated form of the recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor analog, filgrastim. Like GCSF, the p...
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Neulasta for Neutropenia
36,875 conversations around the web about Neulasta to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Neulasta and compared it to other Neutropenia medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Neulasta cause Shortness Of Breath ?

#32 in Neulasta discussions - 322 posts discuss Shortness Of Breath with Neulasta. Shortness Of Breath is #32 concern in Neulasta discussions.
We found 322 discussions
" a neulasta shot the very next day. I still have rapid heart rate and shortness of breath. I never... "

" ...- I've been getting eye irritation around 7 -10 ...on the heat? I get a heaviness in my chest area a few days more my sternum (from neulasta) than my heart. I definitely get out of br... "

" Topic: Anyone else have a bad reaction to neulasta? Hi all, I had my ...went back wed for the neulasta shot. Ended up in the er on Friday with difficulty breathing, palpitations, and weakness. Se... "

" ...(and Neulasta) left me moaning in bed in \"deep bone pain\" from pretty much the moment I started it when I reacted to it and was unable to breath. It was terrible ...For me, the pain got bette... "

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" ...Neulasta would kick in about the time the previous day's steroid premed was wearing off. Major nap time for sure, and I've heard many others say the same thing. I also had shortness of breath... "

" ...reacted badly to the neulasta shot. I was very dizzy and had very low blood pressure and found it hard to breathe. My onc was very ...enough sick leave. I've been very depressed because i'm st... "

" Herception only. The shortness of breath could be Herceptin &/or ...left over from the Neulasta shots. Depending on my activity level I can have some shortness of breath. But mostly knee joi... "

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" ...was alone until yesterday, Octo, but I thought the breathing difficulties I had been having were from the Neulasta shot. Silly me. I can breathe OK today, and... "

" ...the rib/lung area with folfox or the neulasta shot? I have some discomfort below the breast area ...I am not having trouble breathing or anything. It ...ribs? Could it be the neulasta shot th... "

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" ...over 2 months while on Chemo/herceptin/neulasta. But mine seemed to be ...or walk very far, I would be so out of breath and heart racing and but when I went from neulasta to neupengen,... "

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