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Nerve Pain

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Common Nerve Pain treatments discussed around the web
Lyrica 15,267 Neurontin 14,244 Gabapentin 11,288
144,956 conversations around the web about Nerve Pain to help you make a decision
144,956 conversations around the web about Nerve Pain to help you make a decision
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Nerve Pain & Apple Cider Vinegar

We found 27 discussions
" APPLE CIDER VINEGAR \"ACV is a miracle, have stopped taking medication for nerve pain in legs, and for acid reflux. Arthritis is not... "

" APPLE CIDER VINEGAR \"Can't say I am cured ...relief. I apply when the posthepetic neuralgia pain kicks up and befroe ...had acupunture initially and it reduced the most severe pain by a lot how... "

" ...a friend tell me to put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a BIG glass of water once or twice a day to help with nerve pain. she said it works for ...tried it once and my pain was less at ... "

" ...CIDER VINEGAR \"My wife suffers from neuralgia every so often probably due to damage caused by Shingles 20 years ago. She started hear if any other neuralgia sufferers have experienced sim... "

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" ...of my face from my tmj joint to the bottom ...which i recently discovered putting apple cider vinegar on it. Anyone with trauma ...may not be accompanied by neuralgia like pains. It has to... "

" ...I finished the bar I was having incredible nerve pain shooting up in my ...on one side of my back (shingles)along with a rash. I checked this site and started the Apple Cider Vinegar and by the ... "

" ...only water, and drink APPLE CIDER VINEGAR twice daily. Do not ..., I stared taking gabapentin for nerve pain which does help a little. I had a nerve block from my doctor and this helped too ... "

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" ...pox/cold sores/mono/Epstein Barr, they are the same herpes family. I will ...alkaline water, and add apple cider vinegar to water. 1 tablespoon with the nerve pain. Remember we... "

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" ...cups) actually ended my nerve pain problems at 6 months. ...used 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 cup of ...accelerated the healing process. I'm at 13 months and am still itchy on wrists, i... "

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" ...helps me) 5. Pain meds/pain doctor (f you have severe nerve pain, you'll understand) 5. Tea tree oil (I don't care for the smell of apple cider vinegar) as a face wash, scalp... "

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