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Method of use: Eye Ointment, Ointment
Prescribing mode: OTC
Neosporin new + wikt:sporos, (Greek) seed) is the product branding & formulas now owned by Johnson & Johnson of an antibiotic ove...
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Neosporin for Infection
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Neosporin and Shingles

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always used Neosporin with great results. Never a problem...
" I have always used Neosporin with great results.  Never a problem with, EVER.  Last February I got the Shingles vaccination.  No reaction, no problem.  However, ...that if you are allergic to Neosporin... "
July 25, 2015
I tried lotion, corn starch, everything. Neosporin is the only thing that has stopped the itching.
e me relief was Neosporin \"with pain relief\", which is Pra...
" ...found that California Baby Calendula Cream is very soothing for my itchy skin. It helps when I use it ...this product. When I had shingles years ago, I tried every ...only one that gave me relief was... "
blisters I have put neosporin on really seems to...
" ...research on an infection rash that I started seein develope on my thigh and I have found out that it is shingles...On the onsight of the blisters I have put neosporin... "
ouple of nights she put neosporin on my rash (what looked t...
" Shingles And My Pregnant Wife, Please Help, We Are Desperate ...first couple of nights she put neosporin on my rash (what ...found out that I have shingles. I dont believe she... "
surgery. I took benedril, put neosporin on it, and a round...
" I have heard of some folk getting shingles after chemo. Shingles is very itchy and can occur anywhere, though it is most common around the waist and under arms, I think. I did not have a reaction... "
April 29, 2015
Actually, it is Not "most common" anywhere - waist or under arms. Shingles is a dormant virus caused by having Chicken-Pox. That virus lies dormant and is brought on by several reasons. But the virus can occur almost anywhere on the body. On the face and around the eyes is the most distressful. But there is No "Most" common place. If it should be on the face - especially the eyes - see a doctor as soon as possible. There are many treatments depending on the severity and locations. It ca
d some relief with using neosporin on lip break outs, I lo...
" After my Mom had an outbreak with shingles I did some research and ...had some relief with using neosporin on lip break outs, I and I, now take a liquid vitamin E supplement, not every day... "

i, I was diagnosed with shingles 5 days ago. The doctor s...
" Had shingles. Taken Valtrex. Ripped blister open. ...Hi, I was diagnosed with shingles 5 days ago. The doctor said I caught it within the 72 hour period and I have been on anti-virals for 5 days... "
rvous system outbreak (I had shingles 4 years ago), I had my...
" ...I had already tried: I haven't had a yeast infection for about 20 years ...or nervous system outbreak (I had shingles 4 years ago), I had my doctor call me in a prophylaxis on 12/23 (Valtrex) and took... "
shoes rubbed me. I used neosporin on it several times a...
" shoes rubbed me.  I used neosporin on it several times a ...been a reaction to the neosporin. I am 62 and would like to get the Shingles vaccine but see the info have an allergy to... "
acyclovir and put neosporin to try and get the healing pro...
" Shingles when are they most contagious/less contagiious When are the shingles most contagious and least the beginning i would think it would be most when you have the "

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