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Neck Pain

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Neck pain (or cervicalgia) is a common problem, with two-thirds of the population having neck pain at some point in their lives....
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Common Neck Pain treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 1,802 Tylenol 1,612 Advil 984
161,293 conversations around the web about Neck Pain to help you make a decision
161,293 conversations around the web about Neck Pain to help you make a decision
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Neck Pain & Walking Pneumonia

0.17% of the posts that mention Walking Pneumonia also mention Neck Pain (11 posts)
Walking Pneumonia
Neck Pain
We found 11 discussions
" ...your lymph nodes swollen? You don't have ...swollen, which can cause the neck pain. Last time mine were swollen, I had walking Pneumonia and had the same pain in my neck that went on forever! ... "

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" I was prescribed this to treat walking pneumonia. It seems to have worked, suffering severe shoulder and neck pain, which started less than halfway ...I have also had a headache for 3 days... "

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" Donna mine started right after I had walking pneumonia. It started with a dry, hot feeling in my related to my mind. I do also have pain in my neck alot. Why do you think it is relate... "

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" ...I woke up with a sore neck Luckily I was able to ...see on FB that she has been sick. DD was out of ...a week due to having walking pneumonia luckily the antibiotics seem to... "

" ...2 months ago. she has occasionally mentioned a headache, neck pain, ear tenderness and now states ...a reaction to zithromax. she is being treated for walking pneumonia. she told me on thursday... "

" I had walking pneumonia before I ended up going ...take, but they did give me a cough syrup with, I think it ...way to be, especially with back/neck pain. I know you must feel... "

" ...sorry to hear you have walking pneumonia. This is a lesson for ...increasing and by the end of the day, I had the severe sore throat, lump, and pain in my neck. The next day I could not get out ... "

" ...2 blocks can get a person very wet and I'm still battling the walking pneumonia and it's a real pain in the neck when I can't breath after walking for 15 minutes. I always say I'm... "

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" develop a fever, neck pain or your cough gets ...doctors, this may be walking pneumonia and you w... "

" ...kind of upper respiratory bug. Hubby was dx'd with walking pneumonia last week. He's better but the kids are hacking ...morning.... woke up with a sore neck, headache, etc. Course, the HA... "

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