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Neck Pain

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Neck pain (or cervicalgia) is a common problem, with two-thirds of the population having neck pain at some point in their lives....
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Common Neck Pain treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 1,796 Tylenol 1,606 Advil 978
160,923 conversations around the web about Neck Pain to help you make a decision
160,923 conversations around the web about Neck Pain to help you make a decision
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Neck Pain & Sniffles

0.05% of the posts that mention Sniffles also mention Neck Pain (23 posts)
Neck Pain
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We found 23 discussions
" ...sore throat a couple of weeks ago, but the sniffles and mucus have gone and now the left gland in my neck hurts, and its causing pain in my left ear and... "

" ...a year ago, I had a bit of sore neck, the sniffles, and sore throat... just out ...and it said I had leukemia!!! I mean seriously! I ...down the website and had a lemsip! It was a very... "

" I had the sniffles and colds. They are so frustrating. I really hope that ...two days off work with neck pains. Apparently I need to destress... "

" ...prayer because I just plain don't feel good? My neck hurts and my ears hurt too! =( I don't have enough money to ...that this goes away… Soon! *S... "

" ...of messed up. I have really bad neck pain on the sides of my ...breathing going on. Plus I am getting the sniffles again. Plus I am super ...or back up. I am on 10 mg of cipralex but I ... "

" ...12am as she wasnt well she complained of a sore neck earlier so i gave her some panadol my sis ...a sore tummy and the sniffles and was a bit warm ...weird that a kid has a sore neck .. Was ... "

" Hello Fellow Fasting Bandits! My head hurts. My eyeballs hurt. My neck hurts! Good signs! Good signs! I've ...completely missed all the jokes! *sniffles* *sniffles* what do you mean by... "

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" my neck hurts... "

" ...something I was like this after getting pregnant with Alex too though. I havent got the sniffles just a major headache and neck ache and my eyes really hurt I'll just grin and bare it lol.... "

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" ...165 or 185 million dollar payroll abd these guys sit out because their neck hurts or they have the sniffles. Francona couldn't motivate a hive of bees to go get honey from the... "

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