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Sore Throat

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Ask a question
Common Sore Throat treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 6,215 Acetaminophen 4,354 Ibuprofen 2,943
417,327 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
417,327 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
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Neck Injury & Sore Throat

We found 25 discussions
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" I get so sleepy after I eat immediate or hour later I get a sore throat but was examined and related it to my neck injury I have to use laxatives to go to the... "

Post from
" ...injury and throat pain Yesterday I was intertubing ...away soon enough. What I'm worried about is that my throat is sore now. I don't have any ...that other than the sore throat . And it star... "

Post from
" ...hairs or little cysts of some sort. I've had a sore throat (the front-left of my throat, close to where the ...I had a fairly serious neck injury four to five months ago,... "

" ...sometimes, if someone has a neck injury it can actually show up ...of course you WILL get headaches, because when your throat hurts and you are about to swallow, you tense up... "

" ...and the reassurance as well. me well i've had the sore throat, flu type thing, so have been absent for a bit, and Dh is off work with a neck injury as well.. so heres to hoping both of us... "

" daughter recently had a neck injury where her hi, my daughter recently had a neck injury where her head was knocked ...the flu as she has a fever and is dizzy and a sore throat but no cough o... "

" ...makes me feel like im choaking. i have a neck injury from 3 months ago and my neck may be nothing else i see that could be connected to that area. not sick. no sore throat. no fever. no ea... "

" neck injury? ok, something really odd has happened... im not if ...head, when i breath in, my upper chest and throat hurts (like sorta the pain u get when gas gets around that area), and when i swa... "

Post from
" ...:) Woke up this morning w/sore throat and feeling drained. Not looking ...the flu season :( But of course, I feel drained all the time w/a neck injury and endo so trying to fight this cold/flu ... "

" ...and neck injury, no concussion, mild stomach ...dizzyness. Today he is complaining of an ear ache. Can this be related? He has also had a bit of a cough, but nothing major, no stuffy nose or sor... "

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