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Panic Attacks

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(Panic attack)
Panic attacks are periods of intense fear or apprehension that are of sudden onset and of relatively brief duration. Panic attacks us...
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Common Panic Attacks treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 37,979 Klonopin 16,473 Zoloft 16,282
738,764 conversations around the web about Panic Attacks to help you make a decision
738,764 conversations around the web about Panic Attacks to help you make a decision
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Near Drowning & Panic Attacks

We found 14 discussions
" ...water, I would definitely do tris! I had a near drowning experience 25 years ago, and I still have panic attacks in the water. I have tried several times to... "

" ...seems more complicated than it appeared. So, you've had a few panic attacks in water. Can you swim at the beach or might have had a near-drowning episode when you were a... "

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" ...9 yrs with dp 24/7.? Yup, since August 2004 (panic attack during near drowning experience). Before that I had DP for a couple... "

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" ...October '04 couldn't swim - full stop. head in water, panic attack, asthma, near drowning experiences. Now 2000m in a single slog sometimes. 10 hours of open water at Easter (med. not... "

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" ...all this I'd had a near-drowning experience that left me with Panic Attacks. They were getting worse and ...and the first thing I learned was that the \"heart attacks\" were harmless. Then I... "

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" ...water, I can have panic attacks. I used to live ...bridge once and went into full panic attack mode. I had all windows rolled down for fear that the bridge will collapse and I would drown. I hav... "

" ...2003 when I was pregnant with lil boy, ever since I have panic attacks just thinking about having to ...drowning, again based on a near drowning when I was little, I... "

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" ...I cured my depersonalization (when I first ...out of everything. When I was depressed I told myself ...both rounds of dp/dr started from panic attacks from near-drowning experiences. Both tim... "

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" ...near drowning ...panic attack. So, I had to phobia's hitting me at once, Hights and water! Lastly, about 4 years ago, I became stricken with aroaphobia (fear of leaving the house) afraid of... "

" ...phobia that started after a near drowning at the age of 2. Moving further down the line we can wonder about panic attacks, general anxiety, depressive symptoms, etc. In essence, the more... "

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