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Nausea (Latin nausea, from Greek language , nausi , "motion sickness", feeling sick," queasy or "wamble"), is a sensation of u...
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Common Nausea treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 49,482 Anti-Nausea 12,776 Phenergan 12,120
2,576,162 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
2,576,162 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
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Nausea & Total Gastrectomy

We found 41 discussions
" ...most of the time. She sometimes has days when she eats well and is disappointed that she is still losing weight. I just feel that if she could conquer the nausea she could start to eat better. The... "

" gastrectomy in 2005, have feeding tube, take same pain meds for med issues, too. Try small amts of prepared mustard on ur tongue, anything sour and vinegary like pickles or sour candy, small ... "

" ...of life after total gastrectomy? hi, I had near total gastrectomy three months ago,, I feel constantly nauseaous, cramps, diarhea and can not find any any relief, you are lucky you vomit,... "

" Life after total gastrectomy My mum was diagnosed with ...late October she had a total gastrectomy. She has been struggling ever ...levels were too low. She is constantly nauseous, and 'vomits' ... "

" My husband had a total gastrectomy on the 8th of Jan ...the last week Tony has been deliberated with extreme nausea and vomitting after eating and ...min goes very cold has abdominal pains feels... "

" ...husband had a total gastrectomy 5 years ago. ...tomorrow. We have tried every nausia medication on ...for the Jtube. From some of the discussions I am reading, the TPN can be given at home?? ... "

" ...I was still struggling with nausea and getting enough fluids in. ...RNY, hiatal hernia repair and sub-total gastrec... "

" ...I have just had this done along with a total Gastrectomy. With this surgery there is no stomach left & ...acid produced. I do feel bilious if I eat too late... "

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" ...2 weeks out from a total gastrectomy. I am able to eat ...3 separate episodes of excessive salivation , followed by nausea, and dry heaves. No cramps or diarrhea. Scary. The only common denom... "

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" ...Wife, 63, had total gastrectomy in August, 2007, preceeded by chemo. Currently not experiencing issues with nausea nor diarrhea. Aware ...However, having a lot of problems with stomach cramps, g... "

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