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Nausea (Latin nausea, from Greek language , nausi , "motion sickness", feeling sick," queasy or "wamble"), is a sensation of u...
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Common Nausea treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 49,454 Anti-Nausea 12,774 Phenergan 12,119
2,575,395 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
2,575,395 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
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Nausea & TMJ

1.03% of the posts that mention TMJ also mention Nausea (960 posts)
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We found 960 discussions
" ...neck pain. I also had some short term success with TMJ pain, but not ...The only bad effects I had were a bit of nausea during two sessions, which I cured by taking a Gravol (meds for motion si... "

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", I have NO STRENGTH to hold my neck up. Oh, and I seem to be nauseous and have noticed occasional headaches. Oh, and have been suffering with TMJ on that right side which strangely is now... "

" ...did before my first TMJ surgery and they caused me to be nauseous - so... "

" ...aches. I have TMJ and this is also a trigger. I have cervical spine pain, which is also a trigger. For me, the migraine symptoms come on after the ...neck. I get the nausea, vomiting, light ... "

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" ...sounds like anxiety.I suffered wwith TMJ for a long time, ...chest pains, feel nausiated, can get dizzy..i ...i have felt. I decided to get on zoloft a while back, and feel almost normal agai... "

" My jaw has been semi-locked/painful for a couple of I know I have TMD/TMJ (been stated with x-rays before). ...I eat, that I feel almost nauseated. This has happened before, pretty... "

" ...sometimes I start to get nausea due to them. And no, the doctor now because I already checked my sinuses & TMJ, and my results came back normal for both. So... "

" ...recently have been diagnosed w/TMJ. Not that I'm glad ...I'm not crazy! I never realized the pain this could cause. ...of days and that I have been very nauseated w/some thowing up. Does t... "

" Diagnosed today with TMJ and migranes Glad to finally ...wear at night and during the day for the TMJ Thursday. I understand about light and loud noises. And ...other migrane sufferers I get t... "

" ...I have vomited once and I am so naseous to my stomach! I keep ...from sweating to freezing. Also, my TMJ was really bad yesterday I broke down and took ibuprofen. Think this could... "

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