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Nausea (Latin nausea, from Greek language , nausi , "motion sickness", feeling sick," queasy or "wamble"), is a sensation of u...
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Zofran 49,463 Anti-Nausea 12,775 Phenergan 12,120
2,575,602 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
2,575,602 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
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Nausea & Permanent Colostomy

We found 30 discussions
" ...fatigue and nausea also began within 2-3 days of the start of xeloda and radiation. The fatigue continued throughout. The compazine for nausea made the ...for my permanent colostomy. Without it,... "

" ...reversal, as I have a permanent colostomy. But all I can say ...running to the bathroom. Has your mum tried turmeric for nausea/upset tummy? I find ginger and... "

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" My Dad had the same surgery, resulting in the permanent colostomy. He did have some nausea and vomiting, and diareah. Is she on chemotherapy? That could ...yeah, my Dad did have bouts of nausea... "

" I had a permanent colostomy done yesterday for this reason. ...24/7 and had to use an enema every day - which caused cramping, pain and nausea. I saw several top surgeons... "

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" ...few symptoms. I worked every day, scheduled my radiation for 4:30 then went home from the hospital. I only experienced very mild nausea on ocassion and fatigue but ...permanent colostomy.... "

" ...worst outcome a permanent colostomy bag; mid-outcome a ...its like. He put me on zofran for the nausea; and refilled for the pain. Meanwhile, I'm still experiencing bouts of diarrhea on the lo... "

" 25 dosing days. I was nauseous almost all the time, even ...if I hadn't had a permanent colostomy, I wouldn't have been able ...minimal to no diarrhea, and nausea was confined to days 1-... "

" ...arriving home Friday evening. I was nauseous Saturday and Sunday and had ...have just been the general nausea. Even got to get out ...I wound up with a permanent colostomy and am still figu... "

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" ...and also I have a permanent colostomy. So, I didn't have to ...of reversal. I did have diarrhea during the chemo, so ...effects were pretty minimal (fatigue, nausea). Good luck with your disc... "

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" ...surgical alternative to a permanent colostomy. However, the strategy of hair loss, very little nausea, and diarrhea that was adequately controlled with Lomotil. But individual reactions ... "

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