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Nausea (Latin nausea, from Greek language , nausi , "motion sickness", feeling sick," queasy or "wamble"), is a sensation of u...
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Common Nausea treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 48,577 Anti-Nausea 12,401 Phenergan 12,006
2,560,827 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
2,560,827 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
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Nausea & Occipital Neuralgia

2.13% of the posts that mention Occipital Neuralgia also mention Nausea (68 posts)
Occipital Neuralgia
We found 68 discussions
" ...with occipital neuralgia and dizziness? I just had surgery on the 10th of September and I have had relief from the nausea. I have the ACDF of c567. I'm am having relief from the dizziness howeve... "

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" I have had the Occipital Neuralgia types of headaches. It crazy! My dr. prescribed Neurontin, but I have a hard time taking it because of the nausea it causes. Also, since my... "

" ...and found out I have greater occipital neuralgia. The main nerve under occipital ...heal right. I get pain in lower neck ...nightly with horrible burning headaches and nausea Nothing helped... "

" ...same issues. I was diagnosed with \"occipital neuralgia\" and I have been describing ...finding out that I had lupus had been telling ...though, I do usually have nausea and my scalp becomes... "

" ...diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia and having severe migraines. My right side of my face went numb and my right arm is weak. I get dizzy and nauseated a lot. I'm ...started feeling pain that... "

" occipital neuralgia or fibromyalgia? Not sure Wat ...surrounding muscles. Sometimes get cramps in arms and legs or hips as well. Feel nauseous sometimes when I get headache. Sometimes get like... "

" ...could be a type of occipital neuralgia. I've also had one sided ...serotonin agonist, but I had nausea from SSRI's and sometimes 5htp. ...the gut, unmetabolized, and cause nause... "

" ...narcotics, and avoid this nausea that is so common, ...Refelex sympathetic dystrophy and occipital neuralgia. The addition of these medications have reduced my in-transient nausea, it plagues me... "

" Ive had occipital neuralgia to the point where it ...times. The best drug for nausea for me was an IV of zofran. worked like a miracle. I now have Diladin, for the headaches to keep me out... "

" ...I also have occipital Neuralgia headaches, and am ...area. He has had great success helping people with Occipital Neuralgia. Did you try Cymbalta? ...did you receive? Nausea? Please tak... "

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