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A Fib

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(Atrial fibrillation)
Atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), and involves the two upp...
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Common A Fib treatments discussed around the web
Amiodarone 2,242 Sotalol 2,037 Metoprolol 1,372
69,171 conversations around the web about A Fib to help you make a decision
69,171 conversations around the web about A Fib to help you make a decision
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Nattokinase & A Fib

We found 51 discussions
" ...thinners. Do you suffer from AFib? I'm wanting to get ...thinking of trying the nattokinase. Could you give m... "

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" UK. Eventually I decided I needed a therapeutic and known amount of nattokinase for my afib [warfarin had been mentioned ] so haven't eaten the fresh/frozen stuff for ages.... "

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" ...advice on atrial fibrillation with no ...of My mother lived to 90 with it, no treatment and died of pneumonia. My brother ...decided to take nattokinase NSK-SD to hope... "

" I have never heard of Nattokinase. I have not only Afib. I also have a blood disorder which produces too many ...balance these factors. I do take Coumadin/Warfarin. By taking a consistent... "

" thyroid meds I had two incidents of atrial fibrillation the last one I converted on so I take nattokinase to thin the blood and fish oil/CoQ10/E/Magnesium and also make a hawthorn tinct... "

" Nattokinase ? I have to go ...because I started to get AFib again. I've had two ablations, ...I take are aspirin but I've read about this nattokinase - it seems more natural. Has anyone tried... "

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" ...I had been in A-Fib ...coumadin. After researching as much as I could about side effects and other concerns, I read about Nittokinase, a natural enzyme that also serves as a blood thinner. I... "

" ...Afib and am very ...effectiveness of Nattokinase as a ...a board. It's a Japanese enzyme successfully used for centuries for lowering blood pressure and thinning blood to prevent clots. So, ... "

" Ian, I had atrial fibrillation for many years and coumadin ...came across an article about nattokinase and started taking it with ...years ago ? my atrial fibrillation is gone, the clots I had... "

" ...over 3 yrs,,DX was Atrial Fibrillation, quite common. However it ...blood clots. I take nattokinase a japanese herb for ...coagulation. I also have more of the internal type tremor,for whi... "

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