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Nasal Congestion

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Nasal congestion is the blockage of the Human nose passages usually due to membranes lining the nose becoming swollen from inflammatio...
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Common Nasal Congestion treatments discussed around the web
Nasal Spray 721 Sudafed 510 Neti Pot 361
20,104 conversations around the web about Nasal Congestion to help you make a decision
20,104 conversations around the web about Nasal Congestion to help you make a decision
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Nasal Congestion & Olive Oil

We found 31 discussions
" ...have redness to have a sinus infection. There are several ...this. Do you have nasal congestion? If so, then get a neti pot or Dr. NeilMed's sinus ...oregano and mix with olive oil - this... "

" ...without taking sinus medication and I hadn't used nosespray all day and I could breathe through my nose. I've had severe nasal congestion for several months ...I tried olive oil, but forget... "

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" for people suffering from Candida. I've been using ...been using Extra Virgin Olive oil, and since doing so, i noticed nasal congestion building and also my ...know if using olive oil i... "

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" ...(nasal congestion and it makes my FMS worse.) Considering the fact that I've been sick for a while, and I haven't eaten anything new or unusual, I still think this is viral in origin. I'm plannin... "

" ...large part in perpetuating my electrical hypersensitivity, nasal congestion, fasciculations in arms and legs, ...The liver flush involves olive oil consumption without any food. What this does... "

" Olive oil, grapeseed oil, and extra virgin ...whether it's enough to bother you (nasal congestion/stomach upset) is personal. I use ...Milk with my cereal. I feel better in general and it's... "

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" ...some green beans in olive oil (if I was feeling ...Question: do any of your LO's have \"allergic shiners\"? (Dark circles under the eys due to nasal congestion/allergies.) I've always had dark c... "

" ...the Zone (lean meat, olive oil, vegetables, fruit, no salt). me. All my weight loss (40 lbs) is ...pretty good health except I have daily nasal stuffiness, mild enlargement of the... "

" ...a mix of 1 tbs. olive oil w/3-4 drops of eucalyptus essential ...Vick's), saline drops/bulb syringe for nasal congestion. Hope she's better soon; we... "

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" Extra virgin olive oil in your diet will make your skin less dry. ...particularly processed white bread, or eliminating it, can reduce nasal congestion in some people, though i suspect this is a... "

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