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Myocarditis is inflammation of heart muscle (myocardium). It resembles a heart attack but coronary arteries are not blocked.Myocarditi...
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2,714 conversations around the web about Myocarditis to help you make a decision
2,714 conversations around the web about Myocarditis to help you make a decision
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Myocarditis & Troponin

We found 72 discussions
" ...Usually I send the troponin while waiting on the ...atypical pain, gets a troponin now. I'm surprised at me the i-stat result. Have also picked up a few myocarditis cases with aty... "

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" ...elevated ST-segment, and 3. blood laboratory: elevated CP-MB and troponin; Myocarditis can also have similar symptoms, ECG-founding and laboratory results... "

" Troponin is both a more sensitive and specific test than CK. Troponin levels stay elevated longer than CK (for about a ...other disease states (skeletal muscle, myocarditis). Go with tro... "

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" The answer is D. Although troponin is a commonly used biomarker ...clinical entities, including pulmonary embolism, myocarditis, and congestive heart failure. Troponin elevations are not known to... "

" ...are clinically useless. You'd never in a million years get a myocardial biopsy in a patient peri-MI. Troponin would also be positive in myocarditis.... "

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" well,.....look,these findings abt myocarditis r nonspecific....just like u mentioned CK MB is inc....( i even read abt Troponin elevation in myocarditis.. u mentioned abt ECG being... "

" ...test is commonly done after such diagnose as myocarditis is for if troponin level are even slightly ...that is what would troponin test show especially if troponin levels are elevated. Anyway... "

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" ...increase in myocarditis Interestingly, Troponin I levels ...of... "

" ...Since then I have had pleursy/pericarditis/myocarditis/ abnormal troponin values, I've fallen quite frequently, ...a 1\" calcification on my kidney, arthritis in my hips, ...think I'm crazy! ... "

" I've picked up myocarditis twice in kids with a... "

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