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Myelomalacia is a pathological term referring the softening of the spinal cord. bleeding (bleeding) of the spinal cord can occur as a ...
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724 conversations around the web about Myelomalacia to help you make a decision
724 conversations around the web about Myelomalacia to help you make a decision
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Myelomalacia & Surgery

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" Myelomalacia and the future? I would ...diagnosed with myelomalacia at the ...month. Has anybody had surgery to relieve the compression on the spinal cord? What are the effects of myelomalacia l... "

" ...of my lower body. Spinal decompression surgery was then the only option, and then only to prevent further worsening. The spinal nerve had been damaged (myelomalacia) and now little or no... "

" ...hear you and Metalneck developed myelomalacia after fusion. And thank you both for sharing. Like the poster above my understanding is fusion is supposed to prevent myelomalacia or stop progression.... "

" I have had myelomalacia. That is why they did my surgery. To stop the progression of the myelopathy from the myelomalacia. My understanding is that ...cord where the myelomalacia is is d... "

" I just had surgery to fuse C 4&5, 5&6, ...since I got out of surgery I keep having hiccups I ...this problem? How long did it last? I had myelomalacia and had surgery yesterday and the problem... "

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" hears of one of our kids going into surgery and the surgeon feels he has time and gives regain function..then they tell the owners while in surgery that the dog has myelomalacia... "

" ...docter say that he has myelomalacia.they said that surgery is the only option.but he has highBP,diabetics. he has numbness in his hands and legs.he has difficulty in walking properly. i want to... "

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" ...treatment Hello, My father was treated for cervical compression 15 years back by surgery on the back of go for another surgery , but he said ...either to go for surgery (by taking ri... "

" ...Hi Does anyone have any information on Progressive Post-traumatic myelomalacia and or the surge... "

" acheive success and avoid surgery. There in minmal procedure called lamintomy & foraminotomy that may hep with the stensis and relief myelomalacia, only if the prob is... "

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