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Kidney Stones

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(Kidney Calculi)
kidney stone, also known as a renal calculus (from the Latin ren, "kidney" and Calculus (medicine), "pebble") is a solid...
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Common Kidney Stones treatments discussed around the web
Morphine 2,464 Vicodin 1,341 Percocet 1,143
152,063 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
152,063 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
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Muscle Relaxants & Kidney Stones

We found 358 discussions
" ...take nsaids because I have a haital hernia, history of kidney stones and chronic hematuria(blood in ...or ibuprofen. I also use muscle relaxers, anti anxiety meds and ativan for pain control. Al... "

" ...pain, have scar tissue, kidney stones, very painful. On fluid ...have had pain in my left ...tissue from having a kidney stone removed 4-5 years ago. I can t function on muscle relaxers and d... "

" ...Most times it isnt that day, it is the nxt when you feel the pain more. You may need a muscle relaxant... I have had Kidney stones and I dont have those symptoms. I told ya you are gonna pay.... "

" ...a kidney infection or kidney stone(they run in my family). ...meds) and anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant for two weeks. I'm ...appreciate prayers because I'm sure I'll be hurting pretty... "

" ...HCM. The pain is not due to kidney stones (am assuming that your pain is in front) , usually kidney stones pain will occur in back ...can be relieved with muscle relaxants & mild analgesic. H... "

" Hi As your kidney stone is not seen in the not relieved by Anti inflammatory drug and smooth muscle relaxant like Dicyclomine,other causes for pain in the lower right side of abdomen has... "

" ...eating and exercising I got kidney stones. Totally derailed my progress, I ...back got strained, so I'm on muscle relaxers and mobic. I really want to ...know my back has to feel better other... "

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" does anyone have experience with flexeril or zanaflex or other muscle relaxers and suboxone? I have some from my kidney stone, and I know they make ...are helping with my tension headaches I all so... "

" ...want you to experience this pain, your input has ...nerve med, arthritis med and muscle relaxers. I think it will feel ...with UTI's, bladder infections and kidney stones. Thank you again.... "

" ...side. I thought I had kidney stones at that time, but they ...was SO bad they gave me IV dilaudid and sent me home ...for oral, as well as muscle relaxers.) They NEVER did determine what... "

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