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Muscle Pain

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Myalgia means "muscle pain" and is a symptom of many diseases and disorders. The most common causes are the overuse or over-stretching...
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Common Muscle Pain treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 3,951 Tylenol 3,116 Advil 1,795
257,132 conversations around the web about Muscle Pain to help you make a decision
257,132 conversations around the web about Muscle Pain to help you make a decision
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Muscle Pain & Viral Infection

0.67% of the posts that mention Viral Infection also mention Muscle Pain (370 posts)
Viral Infection
Muscle Pain
We found 370 discussions
" ...had a viral infection ...muscular pain, my Dr told me I had fibromyalgia. Cue comments from people I didn't even know... \"But that's a made-up disease!\" \"You shouldn't be tired at your age!... "

" ...I have a viral infection why is causing my \"myalgia\" muscle pain as the doctor said. So I have been given some pain relief for the muscle pain and got told the infection will eventually... "

" ...he told me I have viral infection ... I am cold most fever and my BP is normal ....I have muscle pain and sometime head ache my stomach is bloated and my mouth is sour can you please... "

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" ...I recently had viral infection about 2 months ago. ...have been having joint aches, muscle aches, headache , sore throat and ...been increasing but still having some muscle ache and headaches... "

" ...after work, supposedly I have some sort of inner ear viral infection that is causing the dizziness anyway, right now I am very bad and am feeling muscle aches and back... "

" on Lipitor. I stopped after the first refill. I had muscle aches, but that also may have been due to a cold virus that was going around, so I'm not ...I've basically stopped taking Lipitor... "

" doctor today because i have been suffering from bone pain muscle weakness nerve pain and feelings of confusion, he told me that i have a viral infection in my body thats doing... "

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" head raised and feel muscular pain wen i move it around ...she says that i have a viral infection as my white blood count ...weeks approx , can a viral infection last this long do ui... "

" ...sure seems to be having a viral infection. Continue giving her tylenol and also give her an ...more.The calf pain could be myalgia associated with viral infection. Keep her well hydrated a... "

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" ...I have had muscle ache either down my right leg from outer thigh or left. I occasionally have a pain at side of my knee and once my elbow .\ When I get the pain i take 2 ibuprofen and it... "

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