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Muscle Pain

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Myalgia means "muscle pain" and is a symptom of many diseases and disorders. The most common causes are the overuse or over-stretching...
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Common Muscle Pain treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 3,974 Tylenol 3,136 Advil 1,806
258,427 conversations around the web about Muscle Pain to help you make a decision
258,427 conversations around the web about Muscle Pain to help you make a decision
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Muscle Pain & Ovarian Cancer

0.1% of the posts that mention Ovarian Cancer also mention Muscle Pain (91 posts)
Ovarian Cancer
Muscle Pain
We found 91 discussions
" ...kinds of energy on Sat. after taking the steriods but didn't find that I had any more or less energy than the days before. Sunday I was tired and had muscle aches in my legs. Today I am still tir... "

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" ...I have been told that my painful bones and joints and muscle ache may be ...when having treatment for ovarian cancer. The two drugs were Taxol and Carboplatin. Please... "

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" ...I was taken to the ER. I was on a combination of carbo/taxol, the doctor get trying to explain it away as stress (you have to relax when you are getting your chemo well really :)) then I had a... "

" ...time in June 2007. I was ER /PR and my mom died from ovarian cancer. Both my gynocologist & oncologist ...the surgery, I have some joint/bone/muscle pain now after being on Arimidex for over ... "

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" ...Nodes/Muscles I have stage 1C ovarian cancer . I have had a ...The problem is I have very painful armpits , breasts and ...nodes , but maybe the pain is muscular ??? Has anyone else had... "

" ...from my home state. I am a recovering Ovarian cancer patient and need them for myalgia and arthritis from the 18 ...get out of bed, my legs are restless and my stomach hurts and am nauseated and... "

" ...was Ovarian cancer too. ...our muscles hurt and then we assume that our worst fears are true, starting the cycle all over again. Do some stretching, take a hot bath, take a couple of Advil, tr... "

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" or two or random bone/muscle pain that doesn't last. No weight ...maybe it's from being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010 and breast canver ...too bad, I'd go off the Arimidex for a ... "

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" ...noticed was muscle aches ...ovarian cancer patient, I received six treatments total of carbol/taxol; each treatment was about three weeks apart.) I hope the doctors figure out why your mom is g... "

" ...or collateral ligaments. My mom died of ovarian cancer and she had left leg pain 6 months before her diagnosis. My doctor does ...pain.I am taking a Motrin type of medication, I ...and shou... "

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