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Muscle Pain

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Myalgia means "muscle pain" and is a symptom of many diseases and disorders. The most common causes are the overuse or over-stretching...
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Common Muscle Pain treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 4,000 Tylenol 3,173 Advil 1,828
260,654 conversations around the web about Muscle Pain to help you make a decision
260,654 conversations around the web about Muscle Pain to help you make a decision
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Muscle Pain & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 57 discussions
" ...pills at all! Use my guaranteed back/muscle pain cure-all. A hot bath with ...salts and 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide. Soak no longer than 15... "

" ...with warm water and some hydrogen peroxide. I love adding hydrogen peroxide (3% solution, from the drug loosen up my sore muscles and it just feels... "

" ...a strep throat, I felt very unwell. it was extremely painful, tired and I had sore muscles and joints. I could see ...I find gargling with diluted hydrogen peroxide helps kill germs bu... "

" ...IN EARS \"I've only done one hydrogen peroxide application so far ...lessened my flu symptoms: headache, muscle aches, chills, extreme tiredness and ...again. I combined the hydrogen peroxide... "

" ...relief from severe muscle pain and neuropathic pain. I know Magnesium is supposed to be good but oral supplementation didn't seem to help me much. I'm wondering which might be more effective ... "

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" ...little bottle of hydrogen peroxide (pour entire bottle into bath). Friend of mine has polymyositis and when her muscles hurt, she would do these soaks. She said it made her feel better. Plus... you... "

" ...well and have drank apple cider vinegar for 30 years. It's great if you have an ...acid. I haven't tried the hydrogen peroxide. What kind are you taking??? much brain fog an... "

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" stat doing detox baths (hydrogen peroxide, epsom salts) last week. I (quick one), then had horrible headache after second (20 mins, ...woke up this morning with sore muscles, pain i... "

" ...recommend for when you get the flu - and you'll know ...and die - head and muscle aches, fever, etc. When this happens, ...half capful or so of hydrogen peroxide in your ear (one at... "

" ...was managed with Tylenol. It really wasn't bad at all. They might give you the option of getting the shot in your stomach or arm. The nurse told me that I'd have muscle soreness in my arm,... "

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