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Muscle Mass

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Muscle (from Latin musculus, diminutive of mus "mouse") is a Muscle contraction tissue (biology) of animals and is derived fro...
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441,469 conversations around the web about Muscle Mass to help you make a decision
441,469 conversations around the web about Muscle Mass to help you make a decision
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Muscle Mass & Umbilical Hernia

0.08% of the posts that mention Umbilical Hernia also mention Muscle Mass (11 posts)
Umbilical Hernia
Muscle Mass
We found 11 discussions
" ...say that increasing my protein 40gm daily to 75 to 80 it has really helped my strength. My muscle mass is almost non-existant. Lactalose I ALSO HAVE A LARGE UMBILICAL HERNIA, my G... "

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" ...roughly 4-6 months after my umbilical hernia incarceration surgery. Since then, the ...16 kg/35 pounds of muscle mass and is the cause ...maintain an erection from the inflammation in my lowe... "

" announced I was borderline diabetic, and I ...dairy, or legumes. I have lost quite a lot muscle mass and look forward to ...on, however, having just had an umbilical hernia fixed la... "

" Light cycle to hold muscle mass after an operation? I've had a small umbilical hernia for a couple of years now and I'm going to go get it repaired soon, problem is that means no lifting... "

" ...get the signs of an umbilical hernia which my doctor told me ...on the job and my weight will tend to go up which causes the vesceral ...compistition is deminishing while my muscle mass is... "

" ...body fat I have no idea & very little muscle mass, but started a lifting program, and diet, and over ...for a while, I tore my abs & suffered an umbilical hernia, so had to lay off for a year, b... "

" ...sliced open to fix an umbilical hernia. Not life threatening, but it ...fat for fuel. Maybe I can save some of teh muscle mass. Life throws some curve balls, we just got to... "

" ...weight too fast, and lost muscle mass - arms and stomach are ...belly, because I cannot do \"abdominal\" exercises, due to an umbilical hernia. I am trying to get lean, but it's tough.... "

" ...the 12% range, with more muscle mass than I have now, and ...pretty. But I have to start somewhere! (NOTE: That's an umbilical hernia you can see in the front and side shots.... "

" ...recently had surgery on an umbilical hernia and have been cleared for returning to a workout plan. ...container of Syntha 6 Protein which I had taken taking with this. Muscle mass build... "

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