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Mumps (epidemic parotitis) is a viral disease of the human species, caused by the mumps virus. Before the development of vaccin...
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42,124 conversations around the web about Mumps to help you make a decision
42,124 conversations around the web about Mumps to help you make a decision
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Mumps & Ultrasound

We found 169 discussions
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" ...orchitis show up on ultrasound? I had mumps few years ago. I was ...went to do scrotal ultrasound, everything was normal having ...orchitis show up on ultrasound? (with heterogeneous e... "

" face, plus I had a bit of an infection behind the blockage, not ...went to the doctor I was sure I had the mumps!! Doctor sent me for an ultrasound scan on my neck but nothing showed up. If ... "

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" ...year and I apparently got Mumps though not symptomatic. Got terrible ...doctors tell me I had testicular cancer and that they were ...them off based off the ultrasound results. Went t... "

" ...the doctors today because he has been getting pain in his groin. Well sending him for an ultrasound on his scrotum and thinks ...arather from when he got the mumps a while back. Anyon... "

" ...a veracucalle oporation on my left testis. 2 years ago had the mumps. the left testis have always been a bit big. ...size gratlly. i had an ultrasound taken and sperm count which... "

" Have you ever had mumps? You should rule out: Autoimmune disease Just to be safe a testicle ultrasound. You also need to find... "

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" ...2 different urologists and had 4 std visits, there is nothing Your urologists would have seen mumps and epididmytis, as would your ...thing left would be an ultrasound of your testic... "

" Have you had an ultrasound scan of your bowl/stomach? It does ...or lactose intollerance but an ultrasound could rule out anything internal. turns out i had mumps....3 weeks and %&*$# loa... "

" be an xray & ultrasound tech and we had to ...most commonly when we get the mumps but it can get swollen from the flu or ...believe me, I understand your anxiety but try to rest... "

" ...the blood work and an ultrasound and the consultant is saying ...caused by an infection,hubby had mumps when he was 8 or ...I've just read that an ultrasound doesn't actually pick up blockage... "

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