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Mouth Ulcers

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(Mouth ulceration)
mouth or oral ulcer (, from Latin ulcus and that from Greek language " " - elkos, "wound") is an open sore in the mo...
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Common Mouth Ulcers treatments discussed around the web
Bonjela 917 Prednisone 390 Difflam 330
27,874 conversations around the web about Mouth Ulcers to help you make a decision
27,874 conversations around the web about Mouth Ulcers to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Mouth Ulcers

Mouth Ulcers & Lidocaine

We found 111 discussions
" i'm struggling with lots of mouth ulcers lately and they are awful. ...from a prescription that has nystat/triam/lidocaine in it that i use ...if i have a bad mouth ulcer i do apply some of... "

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" ...As far as the mouth ulcers go, my Mom didn't have them but she did have some pain in her esophagus but taht was from the radiation. She still uses the lidocaine viscous solution. I've read... "

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" ...combination of nystatin, mylanta and lidocaine. You hold it in the cancer patients after chemo to help with the mouth ulcers. I am also hypothyroid, just curious what med she takes for t... "

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" lucky in that I don't have any major food allergies, so not suffering ...mouthpiece for my niv has left me with more mouth ulcers than mouth! resorted to instillagel before bongela arrived or... "

" ...of OPs comments and I honestly can't imagine the pain you're in. Having been through years of mouth ulcers ( to the point where ...well for me as it contains lidocaine. I'm not sure if it's... "

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" ...right, it doesn't say anything about ulcers. This doesn't mean you wouldn't get them from it. There are several reasons for mouth ulcers too, some are infections. I would see my dr about it if I we... "

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" learn you're suffering from this painful condition! I read ...Mary's Magic Mouthwash. I'd been getting mouth ulcers constantly for years and ...made up of vicsous Xylocaine, prednisone, a... "

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" ...for it because of the lidocaine in it. I think I've ...pass that problem with the mouth ulcers, I went to the dentist ...last one, and I had alot of pain. My dentist thought it... "

" ...mouth ulcers with my current treatment. Try Caphosol...your oncologist or GP can prescribe gargle it and I sometimes use it 6 times per day. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. It's t... "

" ...have the same problem w/the mouth ulcers! I just got out of ...though i told him i've been suspicious of lupus and have been tested ...can mix maalox, benodryl and lidocaine or just the first... "

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