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Mood Swings

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Ask a question
mood swing is an extreme or rapid change in Mood (psychology)...
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Common Mood Swings treatments discussed around the web
Clomid 11,050 Lamictal 4,266 Zoloft 3,606
400,361 conversations around the web about Mood Swings to help you make a decision
400,361 conversations around the web about Mood Swings to help you make a decision
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Mood Swings & Uric Acid Result

We found 16 discussions
" alcohol causes mood changes forgetfulness ( dementia) , reduces ...secondary to faulty VIT B 12 metabolism . keep uric acid controlled by medications and repeated levels checked. exercise... "

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" ...the amount of uric acid in the body ...West-Ward 3189 is Lithium 300mg, It is used to help control mood swings. The 3rd one 93 7155 is Simvastin 40mg It HXH-NVR is Diovan 25m... "

" ...magic, but the moodswings were horrific. I ...was introduced to colchicine. It really does work beautifully. The key ...this drug will keep your uric acid at range and... "

" ...1/2 yr old daughter. She is 30 lbs. overweight, has ADD (is on Straterra, for now), has major mood swings, has a negative attitude, and ...blood tests has high uric acid and high levels of... "

" ...Fat Decrease in Bone Mass Mood Changes Next time you go to ...anyway. Might want to check Uric acid levels also. Metabolic products of nicotine cant be good for gout suffers. Then again,... "

" ...doing some chores so that was great too. Had my first mood swing last night & it was a doozy ! ! ...of my life. I am hoping he is not exactly acc\\urate on that. On a good note he cleared me... "

" Ive had uric acid kidney stones 4 times in reduce the likelyhood of uric acid stones forming called Uricit (sp). gave me really bad mood swings so I had to quit... "

" quite independent of the mood problems, although there are certain symptoms ...need to treat the high blood uric acid concentrations directly. Good luck,... "

" ...been good. Ive noticed a change in my mood, im happier, more energetic, and ...results came in and my uric acid count was well over its ...prevent this? Am i taking too much protein? Than... "

" ...How cute??? Yep, we get the hiccups too. Alan was lying evil pregnant woman from all the mood swings!!! It rained here last ...appt, then dentist then blood tests (the uric acid one) ... "

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