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Mood Swings

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mood swing is an extreme or rapid change in Mood (psychology)...
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Common Mood Swings treatments discussed around the web
Clomid 11,015 Lamictal 4,206 Zoloft 3,568
397,163 conversations around the web about Mood Swings to help you make a decision
397,163 conversations around the web about Mood Swings to help you make a decision
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Mood Swings & Type 2 Diabetes

0.18% of the posts that mention Type 2 Diabetes also mention Mood Swings (317 posts)
Type 2 Diabetes
Mood Swings
We found 317 discussions
" ...mood change after started treatment Hello! I am new here and my husband was recently diagnosed with T2 diabetes. Now that he has been diagnosed, put on medication (Metformin) and is watching his... "

" own ladies. Last time he hit me I cracked his ribs with a skillet full of hot bacon grease. he blames his mood swings on his out of control type 2 diabetes, i am a woman. i don't need an... "

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" ...He is managing it really well. He is on metformin and also meds to reduce his BP and cholesterol levels. He has an annual eye checkup and also has an annual podiatry ...had terrible mood swin... "

" ...and Alcohol I am 61 diabetic Type 2 (on Metformin and Ramipril 5mg) and have ...both retired. My wife complains of mood swings and aggression. I have constant headaches and cough. Was upgraded... "

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" ...DH is type 2 diabetic and takes insulin (NPH) 2x/ day (slow release insulin) 2 Glybride w/ each meal 1 metformin in the am and 2 metformin in the ...his attitude his mood swings (high ... "

" ...and got pregnant with my daughter who is 27 yo. She in turn also got pregnant with my grandson who is now 9 yo. My daughter and I suffer from the same things. Unfortunately I passed my bad dna onto... "

" ...achy joints, mood swings and craziness are all gone. I sleep wonderfully, and best of all I can control my Type 2 diabetes wi... "

" my doctor about my mental/mood changes. I have vision changes from my diabetes type 2. I have had hair loss with all of my... "

" A friend of mine who has t2 diabetes, was recently diagnosed with S.A.D. She has servere mood swings depending on the weather?I've been hearing a lot more... "

" ...ex husband to a T. He was eventually diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, but had already moved on to a new relationship ...lived in fear of my ex's mood swings and it w... "

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